Singing Sexy and Sophisticated – Porsche 911 Monaco by Singer Vehicle Design

Since 2009, Singer Vehicle Design have been, what they call as “obsessed” to distill, enhance and recombine the strands of the Porsche 911. With this “Monaco” model, the designers went for minimalistic look by removing all the graphics of the 4.0 badge and even their own Singer logo. This leaves only the iconic Porsche logo at the front, and the lettering at the back. The minimal take on the exterior allows bystanders to admire the elegant aesthetics of the classic 911 body.

porsche 911 monaco rear

However, the interior takes on a more elaborate approach with a series of modifications. This includes a colourful and intricate weave pattern that complements the burgundy leather interior, Recaro seats, Momo steering wheel and a Becker audio system. Both black and burgundy are two of my favourites on the colour wheel. Let’s say shade and tone to be precise. The combination of an all-black exterior and burgundy interior makes this customised 911 look both sexy and sophisticated. If my pockets were deep, I wouldn’t mind making them slightly shallower for this masterpiece.

porsche 911 monaco steering

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porsche 911 monaco engine

porsche 911 monaco windscreen

porsche 911 monaco silencer