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new 10 vintage motorcycle helmets

10 Vintage Motorcycle Helmets For Retro Inspired Style

If you’re riding a vintage motorcycle, cafe racer or retro custom, it would be a style-travesty to be seen wearing with an out of place ultra-modern looking modern helmet on your dome. On top of that, the most important thing about a helmet about a helmet is that it protects your sweet noggin from an unexpected encounter with the pavement… Or the grille of a Mack truck… Or an oak tree… Or anything more rigid than the human skull.

The second most important thing is that it should look really damned cool. It should look so cool that you don’t mind dying in it. Finally, and- if I’m honest, this is the thing I appreciate most about my Italian Suomy head bucket- it keeps the wasps out of my teeth. Below are some of our favourite vintage motorcycle helmets inspired by retro style.

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bell bullitt vintage motorcycle helmet

1. Bell Bullitt

The simple, aerodynamic and unassuming Bell Bullitt is a classic. There are no frills to come in between you and the road, figuratively speaking of course. Solid bell construction leaves no room for engineering errors.

Features: 3 low-profile carbon composite shells; DOT certified; contoured cheek pads with integrated speaker pockets; front chin vents (metal mesh intake, exhaust vents)
Colour options: black, white
Price: from $419.95

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biltwell gringo vintage motorcycle helmet

2. Biltwell Gringo

If you like the kind of solid construction that only comes with a helmet with zero moving parts, this is the one for you. The full injection moulded ABS shell is stuffed full of extra thick padding that will see your brainpan safely through just about anything.

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bell bullitt rsd viva vintage motorcycle helmet

3. Bell Bullitt RSD Viva

With a little more flash than the Bullitt, the Bell Bullitt RSD Viva helmet is every bit as solid and simple as the original with that classic 1960s styling. The Viva pays homage to motorsport legends from days gone by.

Features: brushed aluminum shield pivot discs with rubber O-rings, magnefusion magnetic strap keeper
Price: £369

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hedon hedonist vintage motorcycle helmet

4. Hedon Hedonist

This series of classic and beautiful helmets are trimmed and lined in genuine leather and come in a wide variety of finishes. Whichever one you choose, choose it because you want to look like a cannonball.

Price: £329

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agv diesel hi jack vintage motorcycle helmet

5. Agv Diesel Hi-Jack

Like a cross breed between the Hedon and the gear you’d see on an F-14 pilot, there’s just something very intimidating about the Hi-Jack.

Price: from $219

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bell rogue vintage motorcycle helmet

6. Bell Rogue

If you like a helmet that says, I’m only wearing this to keep from getting cited, and you like to look mean- this is the helmet for you. The lightweight composite shell with magnetic muzzle connections rounds out this bad boy quite nicely.

Features: Flex Energy Management interior liner; lightweight carbon composite shell construction; DOT approved
Colour options: Honor Matte Titanium Black; Matte Black
Price: from $259.95

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gmax mens gm65 vintage motorcycle helmet

7. GMAX Mens GM65 Full Dress Half Helmet

Another half face lightweight, this economical full dress number is just there to look good and keep the fuzz off your back.

Features: retractable, hard coated UV400 sun shields; Dual-density styro technology; DOT certified
Colour options: black; matte black
Price: from $76.46

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torc racing t50 vintage motorcycle helmet

8. Torc Racing T50

This economy version of some of the classic helmets near the top of our list has all the classic styling you could want from a ¾ faceless anti-noggin jostling device. Fully padded and injection moulded, these come in a variety of concussion preventing awesomeness.

Price: from $85.35

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bell pit boss vintage motorcycle helmet

9. Bell Pit Boss

A somewhat more modern looking version of the GM65 Full Dress Half Helmet, this Bell halvsie is a bit more serious in the protection department with its double shell, speed dial fit system, and internal sun shade. The visor features 100% UVA sun protection, and best of all- it comes with convenient speaker pockets for use with communication gadgets- not headphones- that would be dreadfully illegal.

Features: lightweight, TriMatrix composite shell—Kevlar/Carbon/Fiberglass blend; innovative speed dial adjustable fit system; 100% UVA and UVB protection
Price: from $108.76

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agv rp60 royal vintage motorcycle helmet

10. AGV RP60 Royal

Now, it doesn’t get more classic- or more British for that matter- than the Royal RP60 with one great stripe down the centerline. These faceless unisex helmets are somehow massively stylish while still managing to be damned simplistic. Advanced composite fibre and the double-D retention system give you maximum protection for the cost.

Features: ACF (Advanced Composite Fiber) fiberglass shell; Double-D fastening system; DOT certified
Price: from $140

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