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50+ Best Adam Levine Sexting Memes on the Internet | Man of Many

This week, part-time Voice coach and Maroon 5 singer Adam Levine had a front row ticket to his own demise, when a cheating scandal broke out. Early on, it seemed like your run-of-the-mill Tristan Thompson tactic (sans the pregnancies), however, when Levine’s super-horny DMs were revealed, the internet went into meltdown. Now, before you go too deep into the bevy of great Adam Levine memes that have since flooded social media, it’s worth revisiting how this whole situation went down.

Adam Levine Cheating Scandal Explained

Since Stroh’s claims emerged, at least five other women have come forward to share similar stories, along with some downright juicy screenshots, which is where things get interesting. While social media is obviously not chuffed with Levine for doing what he is allegedly accused of doing, cheating isn’t exactly a rare occurrence in Hollywood. Instead, what is getting people heated is the actual content of the DMs Levine was sending and not necessarily for the reasons you would expect.

The Claims

Repurposed all over Twitter, the screenshot format is giving social media users some serious fodder to play with. Quickly checking the Adam Levine cheating memes tag lands you with thousands of pictures, all taking the piss out of a reportedly un-savvy technology user. While he hasn’t exactly addressed the Adam Levine cheating memes directly, the Maroon 5 singer has responded to the allegations put forward. In an Instagram story, Levine denied any affair, however, did acknowledge that he crossed a line with the saucy DMs.

Adam Levine Cheating Meme Format

Despite putting his social media under lock and key now, Levine is facing an uphill battle. There’s seemingly no end to the Adam Levine memes that keep rolling in and it’s not hard to see why. Some of them are downright hilarious and more often than not, they’ve got literally nothing to do with the Maroon 5 singer. Here is a list of the best Adam Levine memes on the internet.

Best Adam Levine Memes

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