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Its coming home

40+ Best It’s Coming Home Memes

Say what you will about the English, but f*ck do they know how to celebrate marginal success. With the national football team securing a last-minute win over Denmark, thanks to a ripper goal from gun striker Harry Kane, the Three Lions are just one game away from the final of Euro 2020. Kane’s goal in the first period of extra time gave England the lead and earned them a berth in the Euro final on Sunday. But while English football fans are notorious for getting carried away when it comes to major tournaments, this year feels a little different. Just jump on Instagram and you’ll notice it. Since the Denmark win on Wednesday, the internet has been a proverbial buffet of ‘It’s Coming Home’ memes, based on the iconic chant ‘Football is coming home’.

Best It’s Coming Home Memes

With England still alive and kicking in Euro 2020, Football might actually be coming home. Here is a list of the best It’s Coming Home memes from the Euro 2020 championship.

Best #DivingHome Memes

While England is through the Euro 2020 finals, it didn’t come without contention. A series of strange calls from the referees, including a moment that saw two balls on the pitch at once has marred celebrations but led to more humour. Behold the best #DivingHome memes.

What Does It’s Coming Home Mean?

It’s Coming Home” is a slogan amongst fans of the England national football team, used to express their optimism that the team will win at the FIFA World Cup. By saying “It’s coming home” fans stating their enthusiasm that England will bring the World Cup home. This year’s iteration isn’t exactly World Cup worthy, but that isn’t stopping fans from getting excited.

Coronavirus, Brexit and a wealth of political scandals have seen British football fans looking for a release and the apparent success of the national team is coming at a good time. With many national fans now free to return to pubs and bars to watch games, the Euro 2020 championship has provided the perfect backdrop for beers, banter and the best Its Coming Home memes we’ve seen since the unexpectedly strong showing at the 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia. but it wasn’t always like this.

History of the It’s Coming Home Meme

The phrase “Football’s coming home” comes from the 1996 song “Three Lions“, by David Baddiel, Frank Skinner and The Lightning Seeds. Originally recorded for Euro 96, which was held in England, “Football’s coming home” has a double meaning. The first being very literal, the second more one of hope. Of course, Euro 96 ended in semi-final defeat but the Euro 2020 Championship dream is still alive and well.

As much as English football fans love to cheer on their team with blind optimism, the rest of the world takes great pride in making fun of them for it. The overly optimistic nature of the slogan has seen it used in a variety of It’s Coming Home memes designed to mock those who get a little too pumped at England’s on-field success. The term significantly rose in use during the 2018 World Cup as England progressed through the tournament.

It’s Coming Home Memes FAQs

Why does England say it's coming home?

The phrase Football's coming home comes from the 1996 song Three Lions, which was written by David Baddiel, Frank Skinner and the Lightning Seeds. It was originally record for Euro 96, however, has since become a calling slogan for fans of the English football team. It refers to the World Cup coming back to the homeland that invested football, while also serving as an optimistic slogan of hope.

What do English football fans sing?

English football fans are renowned for their chants. Among the most famous songs sung by fans is Neil Diamond's 1969 hit Sweet Caroline, best remembered for it's iconic Dun-Dun calling.