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12 Best Alcoholic Ginger Beers for a Spicy Kick | Man of Many

Ginger beer is an essential beverage for top-quality cocktails and plenty of mixed drink varieties, as well as a primo standalone beverage. It’s also perfect for the gluten-free among us or for those looking to get their extra immunity-boosting ginger intake for the week if you want to look at it that way. While the natural ginger flavours and ice-cold refreshingness make it the perfect addition to your summer drink menu. Our list of the best alcoholic ginger beers goes like this.

Best Alcoholic Ginger Beers at a Glance

1. Matso’s Ginger Beer

It’s hardly surprising that our favourite ginger beer comes from one of the hottest and most humid places in Australia, Broome. We had the chance to check out the Matso’s brewery in person recently (yep, we went to Broome) and drank more of their Ginger Beer than we did water. It’s without a shadow of a doubt the best alcoholic ginger beer we’ve tried yet, especially if you’re after a thirst-quenching option. And we’ll also make note of their game-changing ‘Mango Beer’ that’s equally as tempting. The beer encapsulates the pungent flavours of ginger combined with just the right amount of sweetness- delicious!

2. Brookvale Union Ginger Beer

For one of the best alcoholic ginger beers when you’re looking for a spice kick, Brookvale Union has you covered. We doubt you haven’t seen this drink around; it’s iconic bright, colourful can taking over billboards and pub tables alike. Luckily, it has the taste to back up the hype- made from Australian ginger with real ginger cream and natural base products used to create a great-tasting, refreshing beverage.

3. Lick Pier Ginger Beer

If you haven’t heard of Lick Pier Ginger Beer, you’re not alone, but we can guarantee you it’s worth a try! Heralding from the East 9th Brewing Company, this refreshingly dry Ginger Beer is known for its spicy and dry notes. Whilst it’s not made in the traditional way, you wouldn’t know- it tastes just like the real deal!

4. James Squire Ginger Beer

No round-up of the best beers would be complete without an appearance from iconic brewery James Squire. Their alcoholic ginger beer is made with Australian ginger and is lightly spiced for you to enjoy. With so many great-tasting beers on offer, you may have tried all of them- all the more reason to try their ginger beer, a perfect and boldly refreshing alternative for when you don’t feel like a beer.

5. Eumundi Alcoholic Ginger Beer

Eumundi has one of the best alcoholic ginger beers on the market right now. Another small-scale brewery with an impressive selection of speciality beers, their ginger beer sells for $20 for 4. It is sweet, balanced with a pleasant finish that delicately lingers with that delicious burn ginger is known for.

6. Young Henry’s Ginger Beer

The newest addition to our list of the best alcoholic ginger beers is from our local heroes (and mates) down at Young Henry’s in Newtown, Sydney. When we first got a taste of this one it reminded us of the eye-watering moment we first sipped their ‘Newtowner’ Pale Ale, simply outstanding. The blend of citrusy lime sweetness playfully lingers in your mouth after each sip, while the bold spiciness is there as you expect. If you love supporting independent Aussie brewers, get around this Ginger Beer.

7. The Welder’s Dog Traditional Ginger Beer

Next on the list is this delicious ginger beer from the up-and-coming brewery, The Welders Dog. The beer is traditionally brewed, and you can taste it! The ginger kick is sure to provide the extra spice you need for your night or arvo. And, bonus- this drink is also gluten-free!

8. Aether Brewing Ginger Beer’d

Aether has done it again with its take on the classic ginger beer. Their Ginger Beer’d cans are full of the good stuff- a traditionally brewed and fermented gluten-free ginger beer made from corn, ginger beer mother and plenty of fresh Queensland ginger. Expect a somewhat sweet, fresh, gingery flavour that leaves a spicy and clean aftertaste.

9. Crabbie’s Alcoholic Ginger Beer

Perfect for a hot summer’s day, Crabbie’s knows what’s up when it comes to ginger beer. Available in a 330mL bottle, they also know what ginger beer lovers need- lots of it! The established brewery prides itself on its refreshing ginger beer- made with four secret ingredients blended with steeped ginger to create the infamous beer Australians love.

10. Matilda Bay Rusty Yak

Haven’t heard of the Rusty Yak Ginger Beer? Well, now’s your time to head to the bottle shop and give it a crack- you won’t regret it! The beverage is made in the traditional style using ginger spice and sugar. What follows is an earthy ginger taste with refreshing zesty flavours to balance it out. This one could easily pass as a cocktail in itself!

11. Ginger Resistance Original

Expertly managing to achieve the perfect balance between spicy and mild, Ginger Resistance are experts at all there is to know about ginger. Their diligence to the craft shows in the unique flavour of their beer, a great-tasting and earthy ginger beer made with Australian-grown ginger that is as refreshing as ever.

12. Ampersand Project Ginger Beer

While the majority of alcoholic ginger beers on the market consider themselves anything but healthy, Ampersand Projects touts a health-conscience alternative packing just 2.5g of sugar per 100ml. This is the perfect choice for those embarking on a health kick and while it mightn’t top our list in outright flavour (we recommend adding a wedge of lime) it’s a playful extension of their existing brand and we’ll never be the ones to turn down a healthier option. Session-able minus the heartburn with plenty of ginger and a light finish.
Now you’re thirsty, you’re probably wondering where the best alcoholic ginger beer comes from? And how did it come to be the great beverage we know today? Ginger beer, like most things, originated in England, in the 1700s in Yorkshire, to be precise. This was the time of the colonial spice trade. The drink was originally made by mixing ginger, sugar water and sometimes, lemon or cream of tarter, together and leaving it to sit and ferment. So, it was never actually an alcoholic beer, but the way it was made was very similar to beer. The bacteria and yeast that make up the fermented solids of the ginger beer are called the ginger beer ‘plant’, also referred to as a SCOBY. One thing to remember is that ginger beer is not to be confused with ginger ale! Ginger Ale is a sweet soda flavoured with ginger extract, while Ginger Beer is a drier, fermented beverage containing real ginger root and probiotics.

A Brief Ginger Beer History Lesson

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