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9 Incredible Australian Road Trips For Car Enthusiasts | Man of Many

The Great Ocean Road (or “The GOR”) is definitely up there when it comes to famous Australian roads and is arguably the best scenic drive in the country. The GOR covers a gargantuan 243 km along the very bottom of mainland Australia and for the most part, hugs the dramatic coastline of southern Victoria.

1. The Great Ocean Road, VIC

We now head down to Victoria to one of the state’s most highly regarded driving roads; Lake Mountain. This drive will take you through the proper wilderness of the Yarra Ranges National Park and if you are there in winter, you may find yourself surrounded by snow (and ice, so take care!). Our recommendation for drivers is to aim for a summer trip.

2. Lake Mountain Road, VIC

Our second “alpine” road on the list is The Great Alpine Road in Victoria, which is aptly named. You may have noticed that Victorians do tend to think that they have a lot of “Great” roads, and they’d be dead right when it comes to this one.

3. The Great Alpine Road, VIC

Just over an hour outside of Central Melbourne, you’ll find Black Spur Drive, a favourite with locals due to its accessibility, not to mention its incredible roads.

4. Black Spur Drive, VIC

The Grand Pacific Drive is more commonly known as the Royal National Park (or the “Royal Nasho” to the cool kids). If you’re a Sydney-sider, it’s likely one of your favourite roads mainly due to its accessibility from almost anywhere in the metropolitan area. Without a doubt, Grand Pacific Drive holds the title for the best scenic drive in Sydney.

5. Grand Pacific Drive (Royal National Park), NSW

“The Old Pac” has basically reached cult status as one of the best driving roads in NSW.

6. Old Pacific Highway, NSW

Rev-heads rejoice, this drive actually has motorsport heritage behind it. Lyell Highway (formerly Gormanston Road) is unofficially known as “99 Bends” and is home to the annual Targa Tasmania.

7. Lyell Highway (99 Bends) TAS

If you’re lucky enough to live in this beautiful part of the country, you’re already well aware of the sheer amount of roads to experience around Mt Glorious. From Northbrook Parkway through to Mt Glorious Road and Mount Nebo Road, there’s no shortage of twists and turns as you circumnavigate the mountainous terrain.

8. Mt Glorious and Surrounds, QLD

South Australia drops into the list in a spectacular fashion with the very appropriately named Gorge Road. If you’ve ever been to Adelaide, you’ll soon realise that it is a small city. But one of the advantages of its size is that you can be out of the city and up into the hills in well under an hour.

9. Gorge Road, SA

The Jaguar E-PACE entered the market 3 years ago and caused ripples in the Sports SUV segment. The new 2021 model has made a splash once again with updated styling and tech that combines to make this Jaguar the ideal road trip car for those who want a mix of comfort and power.

Jaguar E-PACE

Make way for the ultimate road-trip performance car. The F-TYPE has always been the boss when it comes to combining style and sheer performance, but the R-Dynamic brings a host of tech features designed to take on any road conditions you can throw at it. 

Jaguar F-TYPE R-Dynamic

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