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15 Restaurants for the Best Pho in Melbourne | Man of Many

A little bit of admin before we start. Firstly, pho isn’t pronounced how it sounds, instead, it’s pronounced as ‘f-ah’, like you’re going to the ‘f-ah’-mers market (Good for impressing the waiter). Traditionally, there are three types of pho: pho ga – chicken pho, pho bo – beef pho, and pho chay – vegetarian pho. There are of course modern twists and variations on pho these days, but those are your basics. And finally, if you’re planning on slurping down your pho noodles, remember to leave your nice white clothing at home, as it’s easy to get caught in the splash zone of a pho broth slurp.


With all the basics covered and our knowledge of Vietnamese cuisine slightly improved, we can get into the main attraction. Here is a list of the best pho in Melbourne.

Best Pho in Melborune

I Love Pho is a great starting off point if you’re new to the world of pho. The menu ranges from your standard affairs to variations for the more adventurous, like the option of adding chicken giblets, heart, and liver to your noodles. Striving for affordable pho, this family-owned business uses the freshest ingredients when creating its meals. As well as this, it is open all day every day, so there’s no excuse not to enjoy a warm beef pho broth before work, on your lunch break, and on the way home for dinner.

1. I Love Pho

The Sen Storm Noodle Bar & Grill is a restaurant that really wants you to enjoy your Melbourne pho experience. The chefs here create and authentic dish, refusing to use sugar to sweeten their broths. The chefs also favour expensive cuts of meat, to increase the flavours of the dishes. And not to worry vegetarians, Sen Storm Noodle Bar & Grill have options for you too.

2. Sen Storm Noodle Bar & Grill

From authentic to experimental, Melbourne pho restaurant GOODdays specialises in non-traditional Vietnamese foods, focusing on a fusion of Vietnamese and western culture cuisine. With a largely vegan friendly menu, the spot is welcoming to all sides of the meat-eating spectrum. To please their carnivorous clientele, you can order the Victorian Black Angus and brisket pho, and for those on the herbivore side, the mushroom pho offers a barrage of aromatic vegetables and braised Asian mushrooms.

3. GOODdays

Again, for those who prefer the carrot over the cow, Typhoon has a menu that caters to everyone. With options for tofu, broccoli, mushroom and more, this Melbourne pho restaurant’s mains and share plates will satisfy the hunger of anyone with a big appetite. It’s also worth noting that the entire menu is gluten free.

4. Typhoon

From what we’ve found, Pho Hung Vuong in Springvale is the most popular pho restaurant in Melbourne, but don’t just take our word for it, go try for yourself! Pho Hung Vuong are kings of the classics, with many variations of the basic beef and chicken to please experts and newbies alike. For a pho you know will hit the spot, consistently, Pho Hung Vuong is the stop for your next hit.

5. Pho Hung Vuong

Pho Hung Vuong 2 is by no means named so because it’s second best, far from it. They say it’s impossible to improve upon perfection, but Pho Hung Vuong 2 sure are giving it a go. There isn’t too much variation between the menus of Pho Hung Vuong and Pho Hung Vuong 2, which means you’re getting the same great taste and flavours. If you’re looking for the best pho in Melbourne, drop into Pho Hung Vuong 2 and see what the hype is all about.

6. Pho Hung Vuong 2

Pho Lau Kim Long (say that three times fast) is a great restaurant for the whole family. You can get the young ones involved in pho for the first time, thanks to their smaller serving sizes ranging from baby size to large. This sustainable variation to the usual sizing means that less is wasted. From free-range chicken to their mouth-watering thin beef slices, Pho Lau Kim Long is another great spot to add to your list.

7. Pho Lau Kim Long

Hanoi Hanna New Quarter is a Melbourne pho restaurant that likes to focus on your total eating experience, not just the food. With its snug, causal seating, sit back and relax with a beer from their drink menu, as you slurp down on a great variety of soup. This is another spot that can get busy around the peak hours of lunch and dinner, so if you’re looking to eat-in you’ll have to get there early. If you can’t manage to get a seat, but are still craving some goodies, Hanoi Hanna New Quarter now offer partly cooked meals that you can finish off at home. No need to be an expert and start from scratch, as it’s all there ready for you to prepare. Just another innovative way that pho is being shared amongst the masses in Melbourne.

8. Hanoi Hannah New Quarter

Pho Kim Long may not have the fanciest, high dining location or store design, but like any good book, it’s not about the cover – it’s about the sweet, broth-y goodness you can slurp up on the inside. With bowls costing $12 max, you can get the best bang for your buck in Melbourne, and without compromising on quality either. Pho Kim Long do the classics justice, with a wide range of tripe, tendon and giblets that can be thrown in too. For a satisfying, simple taste of Vietnam, we recommend Pho Kim Long.

9. Pho Kim Long

For something more modern, Ginger & Chives is the store for you. Fantastic presentation, with great quality food to match, you can tell Ginger & Chives is really having fun with its restaurant. There are also plenty of sides to share (or not), from spring rolls to wontons, even savoury pancakes. If you’re looking for a fun meal out with friends or family, Ginger & Chives is the place for your Melbourne pho fix.

10. Ginger & Chives

We don’t need to tell you where you can find Pho Hung, because all you have to do is follow the lines. Notorious for its around-the-block queues, this Victorian institution certainly has its customers coming back for more. This should be all you have to hear to want to try it yourself, but if not, the menu is loaded with all kinds of options for all walks of life. Vegetarian? They’ve got you covered. Into your seafood? Of course, they’ve got seafood. Want the lot? Go for one of the combination dishes!

11. Pho Hung

While we’ve talked about a lot of restaurants that encourage you to sit in and enjoy their table service, Pho Chu The is not one of them. Purely an in and out job, Pho Chu The want you slurping down on its pho ASAP, so best not to hang around. Again, choosing to focus on the fundamentals of pho, chicken and beef are the two options here, with a myriad of briskets and tendons to add to the mix.

12. Pho Chu The

Now, we know, we know, that this list is for the best pho in Melbourne, but it would be criminal to pass up on a black sesame ice cream sandwich from Mopho Canteen. Its rich, nutty, and deliciously bitter taste will send your taste-buds spiralling. As for the pho, Mopho Canteen has your standard beef, chicken, and vegan dishes on the menu, as well as a cheaper Tuesday promotion making all broth $10. Along with the black sesame ice cream sandwich, this promotion is something you can’t afford to miss.

13. Mopho Canteen

If you’re looking for generous servings, look no further than Pho Hung Vuong Saigon. Churning out consistently delicious dishes, the spot is known for its fast and friendly service. With this being said, you’ll want to get in early for your pho if you’re on break, or don’t want to wait in line.

14. Pho Hung Vuong Saigon

Rounding out this list of the best pho in Melbourne is the Proud Peacock. Having reopened after the previous store was lost to a fire, the Proud Peacock is now flourishing like never before. With an unwavering and regular flow of customers, the hotspot manages to keep everyone happy and wanting more, with a wide range of broth-based dishes and sides. If you can get in early for a table, we highly recommend experiencing their friendly service firsthand, but if not, the take away is just as fresh and enjoyable.

15. Proud Peacock

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