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17 Best Skyscanner Alternatives Sites | Man of Many
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1. Expedia
Best for: Reliability
2. Kayak
Aiming straight for the hearts of Australians, I Want That Flight is a considerably efficient flight scanner. It compares hundreds of airlines and travel agencies around the world, allowing you to book directly with no hidden charges or fees. Presuming you remain somewhat flexible, you can find a number of incredible deals in these parts. You can also set up alerts for when the particular flight you’re looking for becomes available.
3. I Want That Flight
If you’re in the market for top daily deals, then Flight Centre might very well be the cheap travel site for you. You can book directly and even converse with a live human via online chat or 24-hour phone line. It’s everything one can ask for in a flight comparison site.
4. Flight Centre
The clean and organised Vayama layout might look all too familiar by this point, but that’s a good thing. Here, you can compare over 800 airlines at the click of a few buttons, and partake in an effortless booking system. Also featured is a “deals” section, which comes loaded with coupons. Because the site is IATA-accredited, it has a direct link to the airlines themselves.
6. Vayama
In addition to prompt alerts, daily deals, and a clean layout, Kiwi.com delivers an accessible pricing map, allowing you to see fares from various airports all over the globe. One might say that this flight comparison site quite literally puts the world at your fingertips. It also covers you in the case of schedule changes or delays by way of the Kiwi guarantee.
7. Kiwi.com
Best for: an Easy Website
8. Cheap Flights
It might sound like a place where billionaires go to book expensive flights, but BYOJet is far more democratic than the name implies. In other words, all are welcome to come here and find terrific deals. Like so many other entries on the list, this site provides 24/7 customer support and a best price guarantee.
9. BYOJet
Compare cheap flights and the best travel sites at Fly.com, which also features fare calendars and a helpful blog. Taking a fine-tuned approach, the site puts you in touch with top deals from around the world, often breaking them down by theme (i.e. “Best Fares from a Major City,” etc). It’s all here and waiting for your arrival.
10. Fly.com
Between its playful layout and efficient search features, DoHop emanates with charm and approachability. Put simply, you feel like part of something greater when you use this site to compare flights or book hotels. There’s even an entire section built around making sure you know what to do if you miss a connection. Welcoming vibes persist.
11. DoHop
At first glance, Momondo might seem like just another cheap flight comparison site, albeit one that makes deft use of colour. However, it’s known to outperform the competition in the respective areas of multi-city bookings and short term trips, especially on brief notice. The platform’s intuitive and organised app is likewise the stuff of legend.
12. Momondo
One of the earliest players in the online travel game is still one of the best. Take it from Kaley Cuoco: you’ll find some of the lowest prices in the world at Priceline. And don’t forget to download the flight comparison site’s app, either.
13. Priceline.com
Travel deals. Exclusive tours. Holiday packages. You’ll find all that and more at Webjet, one of Australia’s leading flight comparison sites. Come here for a number of supremely affordable domestic fares, in particular.
14. WebJet
Best for: the Environment
15. FlyGreen
It almost feels like cheating, but Google has access to pretty much all the best flight deals from all the best travel sites. That means you can save time and money in one fell swoop when you type your desired flight parameters into the search bar or hit up Google Flights directly. Let’s be honest, it’s probably what you were going to do in the first place.
16. Google Flights
Yeah, yeah. We know this was supposed to be a list of the alternatives to Skyscanner, but let’s hear it for the popular Australian travel and flight comparison site anyway. It’s got the maps, the deals, the quick and unbiased search engines, the customer service, and so much more. Put simply, this site has everything an Aussie needs to plan the perfect trip. Use it wisely.
17. Skyscanner
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