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How to Sell Your Rolex Watch Online | Man of Many

Selling your Rolex watch is not all that different than selling other high-ticket items, in that you can always find someone to buy it, but you can’t always find someone to pay market price for it. Hence, you might be wondering: where can I sell my Rolex without getting ripped off? For that, you’ll need a reputable dealer.

Find a Trustworthy Dealer

Like cars, Rolex watches come in different variants, even for the same general model. Along similar lines, you may have taken your Rolex in for repairs or replacements. All of these factors (and more) can affect the watch’s value, which is why you’ll need to gather pertinent info about your Rolex before selling it. Specifically, you should obtain the following:

Gather All the Necessary Data About Your Rolex

There was a time (and indeed, there still is) when it cost upwards of $200 to have your Rolex appraised by a local dealer. Thanks to sites like Bob’s Watches, however, you can get a free quote. All you need to do is fill out the necessary form, providing as much information as possible (see above).

Have Your Rolex Appraised

If you’ve decided to sell your Rolex watch through a trustworthy online dealer, the next step is to send the watch in. Because you don’t want to lose money before you’ve made any, you should find an online dealer who pays for FedEx shipping with full insurance. They’ll send you a label to print out, which will have tracking information on it. Naturally, you’ll want to pack the watch with extreme care before shipping it.

Send in Your Watch

In case it’s not yet obvious, selling a Rolex watch entails a slew of variables. Furthermore, if you’re selling to a reputable dealer, it’s inevitable that they won’t give you full retail price. The ultimate goal is to find a trustworthy dealer who will grade your Rolex watch accurately and give you the fairest market price for it. When they put together they’re final offer, they’ll consider the following:

Make Sure You’re Getting a Fair Price

No one argues with cold hard cash, but if you fancy yourself a true collector, trading one Rolex for another might make more sense. That’s because sites like Bob’s Watches will give you more in trade credit than they will in cash. In other words, exchanging Rolex watches puts more value in your hands (and on your wrist). Plus, it’s a great way to run through choice models without breaking the bank. After all, who can argue with Bob’s extraordinary collection of Rolex Submariners?

Consider Trading In

The best part of selling your Rolex is getting paid, though this can sometimes be the hardest part as well. For example, if you’ve decided to opt for some sort of consignment deal, or sell your watch to a shady website, then you might find yourself waiting for a payment that never arrives.

Get Paid

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