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7 Best Taper Fade Haircuts for Men | Man of Many

If you’re not into dramatic changes, a low taper fade might be the best choice for you. This style starts the fading process at the bottom near the ears and has a gradual shift in length. It’s important when you ask for this haircut to establish the ‘blend’ point. In the above photo, you can see the point where the edges and sideburns meet the maximum hair length on the sides and back sits just above the ear line.

1. Low Taper Fade

Moving up the fade ladder, we have the mid taper fade haircut, which typically starts an inch above the ears and gradually fades up to the eye line. It’s still formal, but definitely has a modern edge to it. The mid taper fade is a versatile style that pairs well with a range of short-to-long haircuts, including crew cuts, French crops, faux hawks, and pompadours.

2. Mid Taper Fade

More of a gung-ho ‘let’s give this shit a real hot crack’ kinda guy? Go for the high taper fade. The super short version of a taper fade is near the temple. The high fade haircut starts about two inches from your hairline and tapers down on the sides and back. This edgier style is perfect for those who want a bold look and works best with high and tight haircuts like quiffs, comb-overs, and high tops.

3. High Taper Fade

Men with naturally curly, coil-like, or kinky hair textures hair are perhaps the most suited to taper fade haircuts. This style of cut accentuates the contrast from the sideburns and nape, giving a clean look that lends itself well to waves, blowouts and tight curls. Like others on the list, the afro taper removes some of the weight from over the ears and around the back of the neck, resulting in a neater appearance.

4. Afro Taper

Want the most modern version of the taper fade? If you’re one of the lucky chosen ones with wild curly locks, you can easily give the taper fade curly haircut a go. A fade is especially great for curly hair as it removes some of the weight from your curls, while still maintaining volume on top. To style your curly hair taper fade, consider a forward style such as a Caesar cut or a French crop. Once you try it, you’ll wonder how you ever managed without a taper fade.

5. Taper Fade Curly Hair

For the most extreme variation of the taper haircut, ask your hairdresser for a burst taper. The burst fade haircut stands out from other fade haircuts thanks to its unique and dramatic features. This style involves tapering the hairline behind the ear while leaving the hair at the back longer, resulting in a burst effect at the neck that follows the curve of the ears. It’s a flattering cut that works well on both short and medium-length hair.

6. Burst Taper

If you’re very into your mullet and want to take it to the next level with a fade, we recommend a taper with a natural nape/flow haircut. In this style, the sideburns are faded completely and the back is left longer to create a modern mullet style. If you don’t like the “boxy” or squared-off look, then this is the best fade haircut for you.

7. Taper with Natural Flow

You can probably put two and two together and figure out what a taper fade is but to save you the brain power, a taper fade is just a taper haircut where the edges are faded to below a 0 blade. It’s sometimes also known as the temple fade.

What is a Taper Fade Haircut?

With a fade, all the hair around your head is cut at the same length. But with a taper fade, only the hair on the sides of your head (over the ears and neckline) is cut shorter, gradually fading from longer hair on top.

Taper vs Fade: What’s the Difference?

When it comes to choosing the best taper fade haircuts for men, it’s simple. We know hair better than anyone, our Editor-in-Chief, Nick Hall, is a qualified barber and men’s stylist. He holds a Cert III in Barbering and has personally chosen every haircut on this list with the help of the wider editorial team.

How Man of Many Chose the Best Taper Haircuts for Men

What is the difference between low taper fade and high taper fade?

When it comes to taper fades, you can go for a low taper fade or high taper fade. A low taper involves cutting the hair at the bottom of your head, around the neckline. Meanwhile, a high taper means cutting the hair above your ears. The choice between the two ultimately comes down to personal style and preference.

Which is better – fade or taper?

It really comes down to personal preference, your face shape, and your hairstylist’s expertise in creating the look you want. Both haircuts are popular and can look great depending on the individual. It’s best to do some research, bring some reference images to your stylist, and discuss with your stylist what would work best for you.

Taper Fade FAQs

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