Samsung Follows Up on a Promise with a High Speed 4TB SSD

Samsung’s High Speed 4TB SSD is a promise fulfilled. When Samsung first released their first-ever 1TB flash chip, they said that massive SSD storage devices were on the horizon—and they weren’t kidding. The 4TB SSDs use 4-bit V-NAND memory technology, which use QLC quad-level cells to pack in more memory in the same space that old 3-bit cells did without losing operating speed. The new 4TB SATA-based SSDs measure only 2.5 inches, but they can read data and 540 MB per second and write data at 520 MB per second. At those speeds, capturing and playing back 4K video files is no problem.

Samsung also plans to release 1TB and 2TB SATA SSDs later this year along with M.2 NVMe drives. Samsung is billing these storage devices as consumer class, but prices haven’t been released. Considering that their 4TB solid state drives were listed at $1,499, for these new drives to be considered consumer class there is plenty of room to cover. While price may be dropping, before you drop your hard earned cash on these drives, you might want to be aware that industry experts are reporting that these drives may not last as many read/write cycles as the more expensive 3-bit drives. As an amateur using it for home projects, that shouldn’t be a problem. But if you’re looking for a more industrial approach—something where the drive will be used over and over again—you may want to invest on a more expensive unit.

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