Microsoft’s New Surface Pro is All Class

In a bold move set to redefine the way we think about the portable PC, Microsoft have given their much loved tablet-cum-laptop the Surface Pro a makeover, stating that this is no longer a tablet with laptop capabilities, but a whole new concept in portable tech. The makeover sees new additions, such as super-fast facial recognition, 7th-generation Intel processors and a huge 13 1/2 hours of battery life.

microsoft new surface pro in hand

Aesthetically, it’s very similar to its forebears and fellow laptop / tablets in the now large range from the tech giant, but the company see this as advantageous, with each product offering a different experience. The corners have been slightly rounded and the edges softened, proving Microsoft’s desire to improve ergonomics.

microsoft new surface pro in girl hand

The smaller m3 and i5 models have also had their fans removed, with overheating no longer an issue. The ports included in the body of the device are the same as its predecessor (USB 3.0, Mini DisplayPort, MicroSD), an interesting move on Microsoft’s part to not catch up with the competition and include USB-C, though time will tell if this does indeed become standard across all devices universally.

While the keyboard is unfortunately not included, it does transform the high-powered tablet into a veritable beast of a productivity machine and the new design is far more versatile and robust than its predecessors.

Check it out

microsoft surface pro blue
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