To Infinity (Display) and Beyond – Samsung Galaxy Note8

Samsung is back, baby! And they have an extraordinary smartphone to show for it. The new Samsung Galaxy Note8 aims squarely for the tippy top shelf of speed, power, performance, durability, optimisation and price. Indeed, this sleek new device is ready to blow up all over the world in every way except the one that would force a recall–Samsung saw to that for sure.

samsung galaxy note8 Waterproof S Pen

From the Galaxy Note8, expect a veritable bounty of premium specs. That starts with the sleek Infinity display, now bigger than ever. Pair that display with a slim, sexy body and you get more room and less scrolling on a device that still fits effortlessly in the palm of your hand. Making great use of the extra space is a new App Pair feature, which can launch two apps simultaneously or allow you do things like watch videos while texting friends.

samsung galaxy note8 bigger picture

Of course it wouldn’t be a new Samsung smartphone without proper upgrades in the camera department. Accordingly, the Galaxy Note8 delivers Samsung’s most powerful smartphone camera to date. Included on the phone are two 12MP rear cameras with Optical Image Stabilisation on both the wide-angle and telephoto lens, and then an 8MP Smart Auto Focus camera at the front. The wide-angle lens comes equipped with a Dual Pixer sensor and Auto Focus to adapt to various modes of environmental light. A Live Focus feature enables adjustments to the bokeh effect in preview mode and after you take a photo. Dual Capture mode enables you to take a telephoto lens and wide angle lens picture at the same time. Put it all together and you’re looking at broad functionality and steadfast clarity no matter what the activity or lighting conditions (within reason of course).

samsung galaxy note8 with two camera

The Galaxy Note8 also sees improvements to Samsung’s signature stylus: the S Pen. Now hosting a finer tip with enhanced sensitivity, the S Pen enables writing, drawing and communicating like never before. In keeping with modern trends, a Live Message feature gives users the ability to tell stories through animated texts and drawings on eligible platforms. The S Pen Translate tool has also been upgraded and can now translate complete sentences as well as convert units and foreign currencies.

sd card setup samsung galaxy note8

Under the skin, the Samsung Galaxy Note8 packs 6GB of RAM and a 10nm processor with expandable memory. As with previous instalments, the new smartphone is supremely durable and completely water and dust proof. Other nifty features include advanced wireless charging, defense-grade biometric security at every level, and Samsung DeX, which turns your screen into a computer desktop so you can work efficiently on the go. Last but not least is Bixby, the charming and intelligent voice assistant who adapts and learns the more time you spend with him.

The Samsung Galaxy Note8 will be available starting in mid-September in colours of Midnight Black and Maple Gold. With a price tag starting at a RRP of A$1,499 and moving up from there, the Note8 is going to cost you. On the other hand, it’s promising to be the best smartphone you’ve ever owned.

Check it out

samsung note8 boy and girl watching hd image

samsung galaxy note8 touching finger sensor

samsung note8 front view with s pen

samsung galaxy note8 4 color rear view

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