The New Samsung Galaxy S8 Active Raises the Smart Phone Bar

Forget about the Samsung Galaxy 8 phones that were literally bursting into flames a short time ago—Samsung has gone to work and recalibrated these suckers to produce the Samsung Galaxy S8 Active and, so far, they may be the best smart phone on the market today.

With a 5.8 inch display and the ability to stream DirectTv from just about anywhere with a WiFi signal, you will more or less have a television in your pocket, as well as a 12 megapixel camera, making it better than many point and shoots on the market. There is a metal frame around the phone itself as well, making it shatter resistant to drops, despite the fact that the screen is also already almost impossible to shatter or even crack. The device can even somehow survive immersed in five feet of water for up to thirty minutes, meaning you could theoretically sit in a hot tub with the phone in your pocket for a decent amount of time before it suffers any real damage.

And there’s even something called Bixby vision, which despite the less than catchy name, is a built-in A.I. that educates you on things that are in your photos or videos you may not be able to identify. Which is awesome and kind of terrifying at the same time and probably means you should get the Samsung Galaxy S8 Active before everyone else does.

Check it out

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