Samsung Unveils a Foldable Smartphone with Infinity Flex Display

If I said to you, “the Infinity Flex Display is here”, you might quite reasonably reply, “Ah, so finally it is time for us all to perish at the hands of Thanos.” But good news – the Infinity Flex Display is not the means of our imminent annihilation. At least, not that we know of.

samsung foldable smartphone infinity flex display

The Infinity Flex, unveiled at the Samsung Developer Conference this month, is what technical-minded experts would call “a freaky kind of impossible doo-dad”. It makes use of bendable display technology that’s been Samsung’s holy grail for years, and allows a smartphone to unfold out into a tablet when you want a bigger display, and then fold back into the handy compact phone size to tuck away in your pocket. Accompanying the revelation of the Infinity Flex was the new One UI interface bottom-half interface, which is designed to suit the new generation of folding phones.

It’s hard to describe – you kind of have to see it  – and even harder to wrap our heads around, but there’s no doubt it’s a game-changer. How does it work? That is of course a mystery. A thousand years ago something like this would be seen as witchcraft, and I’m not 100% convinced that’s not the answer here too. But how it works doesn’t matter: what matters is it’s cool as hell, and I want one.

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