The Samsung Galaxy Fold Finally Comes to Australia

All the Aussies out there complaining about a lack of innovation in the smartphone sector will have to put up or shut up in just one week’s time. That’s when the Samsung Galaxy Fold arrives on our native shores to shake things up in style. Indisputably groundbreaking, it features the world’s first immersive 7.3″ Infinity Flex Display, allowing users to switch between two distinct interfaces. When closed, the gadget functions as a 4.6″ smartphone. When open, it’s more like a miniature tablet. It hits the market starting 30 October at a retail price of $2,999. What, you thought this thing would be cheap?!

Samsung Galaxy Fold

Thanks to Multi-Active Window functionality, Galaxy Fold delivers a new tier of mobile multi-tasking. When unfolded, the device allows users to operate three active apps simultaneously on the main display. In turn, you can browse the Internet, text, and watch videos at the very same time, among other things. If and when you fold the phone in half, an App Continuity function ensures that nothing gets lost in the shuffle, so you can pick up where you left off when switching back to the main display.

Samsung Galaxy Fold main display

Under the skin of the new Samsung Galaxy Fold are a powerful AP chipset, dual battery system, and 12GB of RAM. Expect nothing but smooth and consistent performance when engaging with the device’s brilliant AMOLED display and its powerful AKG-tuned stereo speakers. Sealing the deal is a multi-tiered camera set-up, which includes a grand total of six lenses. Scroll down for an example of the camera system’s potential by way of a photo from designer Peter Sedlacik.

Samsung Galaxy Fold closed

The new Samsung Galaxy Fold arrives in select stores across Australia on 30 October at a retail price of $2,999.

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Samsung Galaxy Fold photography