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Samsung S95D OLED Anti Glare TV | Image: Samsung

Samsung’s $9,000 OLED S95D TV Wants to End Glare Forever

Samsung Electronics Australia is waging war on TV glare, unveiling its 2024 AV lineup-leading OLED S95D TV. The highly anticipated television introduces OLED Anti-Glare technology, an innovation Samsung describes as a ‘world’s first’ tailored to meet the blinding demands of Australia’s sunny conditions.

Glare has long been a bane for TV enthusiasts, especially with standard OLED displays that tend to reflect light, detracting from the viewing experience, particularly in well-lit rooms. The secret behind the revolutionary OLED Anti-Glare technology featured in the S95D is the preservation of colour accuracy. It reduces reflections, ensuring an immersive viewing experience, even in brightly lit rooms—a feature tailored perfectly for Australian living spaces. This cutting-edge technology overcomes the traditional trade-off between gloss and reflection, providing viewers with uninterrupted enjoyment of their favourite content.

Samsung S95D OLED Anti Glare TV | Image: Samsung
The new TVS have been certified as ‘Glare-Free” by global safety science company Underwriters Laboratories (UL) | Image: Samsung

Jeremy Senior, vice president of consumer electronics at Samsung Electronics Australia, emphasised the significance of this advancement, stating, “With many Australians living in bright or light-filled rooms, this new technology helps to ensure Australians can enjoy a low interruption viewing experience, regardless of their TV preference.”

Available in 55-inch, 65-inch, and 77-inch sizes from major retailers nationwide starting Monday, March 18, the S95D represents the pinnacle of Samsung’s OLED range. Certified as ‘Glare-Free” by global safety science company Underwriters Laboratories (UL), the S95D OLED validates its anti-glare and anti-reflection properties. By incorporating this technology, Samsung ensures optimal brightness and picture quality with reduced glare, setting a new standard for immersive viewing experiences.

Incorporating Quantum HDR OLED Pro, powerful processing, and 4K upscaling, the S95D transforms content into incredibly sharp 4K resolution with up to 70 per cent brighter detail than OLED HDR+. The added processing during HDR+ playback results in richer contrast, brighter brights, and deeper blacks, ensuring an unparalleled viewing experience that enhances every detail of your favourite movies, shows, and games.

Samsung S95D OLED Anti Glare TV | Image: Samsung
The new anti-glare TV still maintains Samsung’s slimline design | Image: Samsung

Samsung still doesn’t have Dolby Vision support like other brands; however, the difference between Dolby’s tech and HDR10+ isn’t big enough to worry about. Dolby Vision and HDR10+ are competing high-dynamic range (HDR) video standards. While Dolby Vision is more widely supported across various content and hardware, HDR10+ offers similar benefits and is an open standard that doesn’t require licensing fees.

The S95D also includes Motion Rate 200, which minimises blur and judder from fast-moving scenes, ensuring a sharp and smooth viewing experience during live sports and action movies. Gamers can also enjoy 4K 144Hz VRR for ultra-smooth gameplay for crisp visuals at incredibly high speeds, provided you have a compatible gaming system that can handle it. 

Samsung S95D OLED Anti Glare TV | Image: Samsung
Samsung S95D OLED Anti Glare TV | Image: Samsung

Fortunately for console gamers, the native refresh rate of 100Hz will ensure seamless gameplay, especially for Xbox gamers with direct access to remote play via the dedicated gaming hub baked into the Samsung Tizen operating system. Coupled with its sleek Infinity design, premium sound features, and powerful NQ4 AI Gen2 Processor, the S95D promises stunning visuals and exceptional performance.

Aussies may have got a glimpse of this anti-glare technology back in 2020 with the release of the Terrace QLED 4K TV. Offering a 4K resolution QLED display with 2,000 nits brightness, viewers could enjoy outdoor entertainment at any time of the day. As for the S95D OLED, Samsung has increased the brightness to a whopping 3,000 nits, 50% brighter than the Terrace and a reported 20% increase over its 2023 predecessors.

It’s clear Samsung is pushing the boundaries of home entertainment to maintain its legacy as the Global No.1 TV brand for 18 consecutive years. And at AUD$4,640.00 for the 55-inch model, AUD$5,800.00 for the 65-inch model, and AUD$9,281.00 for the 77-inch model, the Samsung S95D OLED TV is still within the reach of most Australian household budgets. So we’ll be ordering all three for scientific testing, of course.

Samsung S95D OLED Anti Glare TV | Image: Samsung
Samsung S95D OLED Anti Glare TV | Image: Samsung