Samsung Builds its Own Luxury Wall TV

With all the talk of wall building going on, it’s not too surprising to see other companies jumping on the wagon. Of course, Samsung had announced their Wall Display long ago, but at InfoComm 2019 held in Orlando, Florida, the electronics company announced the global launch of The Wall Luxury.

The Wall Luxury consists of modular micro LED screens that can be customized to fit any size and aspect ratio. The Luxury version can be customized from 73 inches in 2K definition to 292 inches in 8k definition. The screens are extremely slim—measuring less than 30 mm in depth—and have no bezel, thus allowing them to clip together like LEGOs and not show seams. Unlike other LED displays, which use LEDs to backlight LCDs, the Wall uses micro LEDs that represent individual pixels, creating sharper images and better colors. Of particular note is black, which on the micro LED screen comes out perfect.

Of course, there isn’t much 8k content out there yet, and at its largest size, even 4k content will have rough edges, so Samsung had to develop an AI that can upscale. It also uses Quantum HDR technology to get the brightness up to 2,000 nits with a 120-HZ refresh rate. The screen also features Samsung’s Quantum Processor Flex, which uses machine-based learning to optimize picture quality.

The screen will reportedly have a 100,000-hour lifetime, so you could leave it on 24/7 and still get 22.4 years out of it. Smart, since Samsung openly expects that the screen will never be turned off. If you do leave it on, when the screen senses that it’s not in use it will transition to Ambient Mode, which displays screensaver art (paintings, nature photographs, and even video art). Coming out sometime in the next month, the Wall Luxury will be available globally in a variety of sizes and ratios. Still no word on what Samsung will be charging for the screen. Here’s a wall everyone can get behind–or in front of, preferrably.

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