Samsung Goes Vertical with the Sero Pivoting TV

Landscape vs portrait is an ages old debate that has spilled over into the tech world. Most of our shared media comes in a vertical (portrait) configuration, so when you try to share it with a horizontal (landscape) screen, like your TV, it just doesn’t look right. Samsung is addressing this challenge with its Sero Pivoting TV.

vertical position samsung sero television

The 43 inch QLED display comes with a floor stand that allows you to position the screen in either a horizontal or vertical orientation. Using NFC, you can share media from your phone or tablet with the TV and then adjust the TV for optimal viewing. The Sero also comes with built-in 4.1 channel, 60W speakers, so you’ll be able to hear your videos or games.

samsung tv

The intended market for the Sero is millennials. Samsung is banking on the idea that this younger demographic will want to project more of the content from their different devices onto a TV that adjusts to their view. Potentially, this TV could act as a music streaming hub, a digital photo frame, and, of course, an actual TV.

The Sero also makes use of Samsung’s Bixby voice assistant.

Samsung Sero Pivoting TV

Sero will be launched in South Korea at the end of May and will sell for around USD$1,600.

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