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20+ Best ‘Miserable’ Ben Affleck Grammy Memes on the Internet

Fellas, we’ve all been there – the dreaded moment when your significant other drags you to an event you’d rather skip. Whether it’s giving up your Sunday golf round to assemble furniture at IKEA or ditching the big game for a fancy dinner date, it’s often very painful. But hey, that’s just the price we pay for love. Ben Affleck perfectly embodied this sentiment as he braved the red carpet and served as Jennifer Lopez’s escort at the Grammys. Surprisingly for an actor, he failed to conceal his discomfort throughout the night. Despite his best efforts, his expressions spoke volumes and in turn provided meme gold for the internet.

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The Grammy Awards ceremony, which lasted for a gruelling four hours on Sunday night, appeared to be a misery for Ben Affleck. Despite Stevie Wonder’s electrifying performance and JLo’s energetic dancing, Affleck sat with a frown, becoming a source of entertainment for social media users. As the cameras constantly focused on him, Affleck’s discomfort only fueled the creation of hilarious memes online.

Check out our favourite ‘Bored’ Ben Affleck memes below:


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