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Do What Servd Says, Cause Them’s the Rules

The key to a successful relationship, household or friendship is a set of clearly defined rules, even if said rules force you to wear a dress and the resulting video is bound for social media. Enter Servd, a new card game that spices up any relationship with hilarious results.

You’ve likely seen those memes like ‘tag a friend, and if they don’t reply, they owe you a bucket of KFC’ and know some people who abide. Servd takes that premise, expands it to all aspects of life and transforms it into a deck of cards perfect for pulling rank in a relationship.

servd card game

Play a card, and suddenly you get out of visiting the in-laws. Play another to summon a partner to pick you up when you don’t feel like paying for an Uber. Alternatively, maybe they get to dress you up for a night out and instruct you when it’s time for some manscaping.

Cards can be counteracted, played on top of each other and shut down, making Servd a game of strategy and careful planning. After agreeing to a time frame, you split the cards up with the other player having their own set of unique cards and start using when appropriate.

There are five different Servd decks available, each tailored to a specific type of relationship: His & Hers, His & His, Hers & Hers, BFFs and Bros. Pick your poison, split the deck and game that relationship.

You can find Servd decks online via the link below and follow Servd on Instagram to see how players have pulled rank or been put in their place by partners and friends.

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servd card game

servd card game


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