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Keep it Simple, Stupid: Blink-182’s Tom DeLonge Launches Signature Fender Stratocaster

The boys from Blink-182 are enjoying something of a victory lap at the moment. With a world tour underway consisting of sold-out stadiums full of nostalgic pop-punkers and a new album in the can, you’d think they’d have their hands full. But it seems age has not diminished that signature Blink-182 energy as guitarist and singer Tom DeLonge has also found the time to collaborate with Fender on a brand spanking new signature guitar. Called the Limited Edition Tom DeLonge Stratocaster, it’s a minimalist embodiment of DeLonge’s plug-in-and-play attitude, and it’s accompanied by an accessories capsule consisting of signature straps, celluloid picks, and the yellowest cable we’ve ever seen. 

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Limited edition tom delonge fender stratocaster 1
Image: Fender

As you might expect from the guy who wrote the wonderfully snotty riff to “Dammit”, DeLonge designed this guitar to sound as in your face as possible. Through the combination of just one pickup—a Seymour Duncan Invader humbucker—along with a single master volume with a treble bleed circuit to preserve the guitar’s high-end tones, this Strat will put the power in your power chords and keep the riffs nice and crunchy. But that’s not all. According to Fender, the DeLonge Strat will also serve up “sparkly clean and chime-y, edge-of-breakup tones, allowing musicians to explore a wide range of sonic possibilities.”

The guitar features a modern “C” neck with medium jumbo frets on a 9.5-inch radius rosewood fingerboard, all of which is designed to optimise comfort and playability, while vintage-style tuners and a hardtail Stratocaster bridge with block saddles are intended to deliver superior intonation and tuning stability. Plus, a custom-crafted neck plate featuring DeLonge’s original artwork acts as a reminder of whose guitar this really is. 

Limited edition tom delonge fender stratocaster 3
Image: Fender

According to the man himself, keeping things simple was at the very core of the design process: “I try to write music that is accessible and easy to play and enjoy so that people can come along for the ride. This simplicity really inspired this new signature Stratocaster,” DeLonge explains. “It just has one knob and one pickup, which just makes it easy to turn it up, play and sound great, especially important when you’re in front of a crowd and already have plenty to think about. On top of that, the bright colours give it a timeless, California feel that stands out on any stage.”

For those who want to add a little of that Blink-182 magic to their setup without forking out for a whole new guitar, there’s a capsule of ‘To The Stars’ accessories to choose from (To The Stars is DeLonge’s science, entertainment and media company).

Limited edition tom delonge fender accessories
Image: Fender

The first of these is an instrument cable featuring a bold Graffiti Yellowjacket that’s available in both 10-foot and 18.6-foot lengths (AUD$49.00-$59.00); the second is a ‘To The Stars’ logo strap made of nylon with leather ends and an adjustable length from 34 to 59 inches, available in Seafoam Green, Daphne Blue, Graffiti Yellow, or Black (AUD$49); and finally there are packs of ‘To The Stars’ 351 celluloid picks, each containing six picks featuring a range of graphics and logos (AUD$13).

Whether you’re eagerly awaiting the new Blink-182 album or more of a fan of DeLonge’s work with his other band Angels and Airwaves, the Limited Edition Tom DeLonge Stratocaster and accessories are intended to give your playing a little of his attitude and edge. The Limited Edition Tom DeLonge Stratocaster is available in Surf Green, Daphne Blue, Graffiti Yellow, or Black for AUD$2,249. Discover more via the Fender website below.

Limited edition tom delonge fender stratocaster 2
Image: Fender