Tiger Beer Turns Woks into Pieces of Art

Tiger Beer has partnered with curator James Dive from The Glue Society, to transport barely-cooled woks from the streets of Singapore and transform them into ‘Woks of Art’ in bars across Sydney.

The iconic Asian beer is challenging the common misconception that Singapore’s culture is clinical, polished and strict. Select artists were given real woks collected from the hawker markets and back laneways of the city, to use as canvasses for unique, vibrant artworks. Woks of Art celebrates Singapore’s energetic and vivid streets and showcases the true dynamic ethos of the birthplace of Tiger Beer.

The dazzling ‘Woks of Art’ collection is now on display across five popular bars in Sydney; Surly’s, Soda Factory, Royal Albert Hotel, Earl’s Juke Joint and The Village Inn, until the end of March.