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3 Things to Consider When Buying A Suit

3 Things to Consider When Buying A Suit

This is a Guest Post by Brian Zeng of Ownonly

A bespoke suit is an ultimate purchase for any man. But buying one is often tiresome and frustrating, especially if you’re doing it for the first time. For example, an ill-fitting suit will do no good to up your style quotient. It will rather damage your image. Therefore, getting the right fit is imperative when buying a suit.

This post discusses the various factors you should consider when buying a suit that perfectly fits your body, personality and style.

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carlo riva fabric

1. The Right Fabric

Choosing the right fabric is very important when buying a suit. There is a large variety of materials available including linen, cotton, cashmere, polyester, silk, wool, velvet and blended fabrics.

Unless you’re absolutely sure about which fabric to go for, a suit made of 100% wool is your best bet. Due to its insulating properties, wool is a good choice if you are going to wear it in cold weather. Also, wool is a natural material and suits made of this fabric breathe well. Therefore, you will stay relatively cool even when the outdoor temperature is rising. They are typically worn year-round and are very popular these days. The best of all – these suits are surprisingly stylish.

Some of the common varieties of wool suits include tweed, flannel, worsted wools and tropical wools.

Tweed: This is a heavy fabric and can keep the wearer warm. This is why tweed suits are an ideal option for older men in colder climates. However, they are usually unflattering to heavier people.

Flannel: If you are looking for a winter suit, those made out of flannel can be a good choice. This is a heavy and durable fabric that won’t wear down very soon. If you are looking for something in shades of grey, flannel suits are undeniably flattering. However, consider a flannel suit only if you already own a few basic types of suits as they aren’t great as starter suits.

Worsted: This is one of your safest bets for a starter suit. Worsted wool is very durable and can be woven into different levels of thickness, making it ideal choice for both summer and winter suits. Besides, worsted wool suits are generally considered mid-weight. If you are using a good quality fabric, your suit won’t wrinkle easily even after squeezing it.

Tropical: Suits made out of tropical wools are slightly more lightweight compared to the traditional wool suits. They also breathe well and are a good choice as hot weather suits. A downside to a tropical wool suit is that it wrinkles very easily.

Blended suits are also in vogue. At the higher-end, you have wool blended with cashmere. These suits look a bit glossier and even drape a bit better than those made of 100% wool. If you are looking for a more flattering fit, cashmere blend suit is a good option.

perfect fit hot weather suits

Few lucky men fall exactly into a precise clothing size. For most clothing, these small differences hardly matter but to look good in a suit, perfect fitting is an absolute necessity. This is where bespoke suits come in.

If you are not sure about a suit’s fit, consider the following visual that illustrates how a well fitting suit should look:

sleeve pitch and shoulder pads fitting suit

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2. The Perfect Fit

It is very important that the jacket and pants fit perfectly. For a flattering fit, your shoulder pads must end at the shoulders and the arms must hang straight and long. Bunched up and ill-fitting suits look very clumsy. Also, consider the fit of your trousers. The waistline of your trousers should be comfortable enough. There is a simple test here to determine if your pants fit perfectly. Stick two fingers into your waist while you’re wearing the trouser to check whether or not the pants fit you properly.

Most of the brick and mortar stores provide personal attention and can make a custom-fit suit for you. But they usually cost you more. There is another option to buy custom-made suits without burning a hole in your pocket.

Online measure-to-fit retailers such as Ownonly offer custom tailored suits at a reasonable price. This company can tailor-made you a suit based on your specifications. All you need to do is send in your measurements. Ownonly also has a team of experienced designers taking care of the pattern making and printing based on the measurements of each customer.

Apart from high-quality suits, this online retailer also offers tailor-made shirts, blazers and accessories for men.

flexible and timeless style black suit

3. Flexible & Timeless Style

When it comes to select the perfect style, go for flexible and timeless patterns and cuts that look good for any occasion. The goal here is to buy something that fits different levels of formality. A flattering fit suit in timeless, sharp style can save you on almost any occasion. Focus on the shape. If you are slim, your jackets should be made with broad lapels as it will broaden your shoulder. Similarly, larger guys can go for suits with two vents. Such suits provide maximum manoeuvrability.

Since you are looking for something timeless, avoid selecting pleated pants. Slanted pockets are trendy these days, but flat pockets are classic. With flaps, these pockets can add versatility to your suits.

Colour plays an important role when shopping for a suit. There was a time when men mostly opted for flat black. But things have changed now. A plain black suit is too formal and often too dark. You will also have limited options for accessories with a black suit. Besides, flexibility demands a different colour. A navy or charcoal suit is a better option. They are timeless and versatile too.

bespoke suit inside a pocket

If you prefer a pattern, something simple and understated like simple pinstripes is a better option.


These 3 factors are crucial to buy a good suit. However, there is something else you need to consider. Shirts and accessories can actually make or break your look. When it comes to shirts, darker shades and jewel tones go well with lighter charcoal suits. However, if you donning a dark suit like a black or dark navy suit, lighter shirt underneath will look great. When it comes to ties, solid colours and simple patterns or geometric designs will make you look sharp and classy.

You’ll also need a pair of dress shoes, preferably dark brown and genuine leather. Your belt should match the colour of your shoes. Always opt for belts with a conservative buckle. To add formality to your suit, consider using pocket squares. Remember, white goes with everything!

Brian Zeng is the Chief Marketing Officer for OwnOnly, which is a new-age online apparel store offering customized suits, shirts and blazers for the modern man. Digital marketing is Brian’s passion and he’s keen to explore the dynamics of e-commerce and men’s fashion. Follow him on Twitter @brianzengdotme.

Location: Greater New York Area, East Coast, Northeastern US
Founded: July 8, 2013
Know for: suits, shirts, luxury suits, wedding suits

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