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man of many guide to buying a tailored suit

Made to Measure – Man of Many’s Guide to Buying a Tailored Suit

So you’re thinking about stepping things up a notch in the style department and buying your own made-to-measure suit? Well good for you! Nothing says class like a gentleman sporting a custom fit tailored suit that’s made to measure his body’s specific contours and even match his unique personality.

Naturally, if this is the first tailored suit you could probably use a little guidance. After all, you don’t want to drop a small fortune just to end up with a suit that doesn’t keep other men on their toes or let the ladies know you’re a person of refined taste.

Therefore please allow us to offer some introductory pointers toward buying your first tailored suit. Keep in mind that a tailored suit is ultimately about personal preference so we’re not here to tell what you do, rather help you avoid some common and critical blunders.

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material is king

Material is King

Tenants of flash and style aside, an article of clothing can only be as good the material it’s made from. Most experts agree that when it comes to your first tailored suit you can do no wrong with wool. That’s because wool is an all-natural, long-lasting, comfortable, versatile fabric that can adapt to a variety of conditions without creasing or wrinkling. More specifically you should start by looking into worsted wool with a thread count in super 110-130 range. If wool is a little too luxurious (i.e. expensive) or heavy then consider flannel as a lighter but still durable and distinct alternative or cotton for a more casual feel with less overall heft and dependability.

tailored suit button

What’s also absolutely crucial when it comes to material is that you know with certainty where the fabric comes from. The counterfeit brands and fabrics industry is nothing less than epic in scope. It’s easy to be deceived by what you think is a superior fabric, especially when it’s being offered at an exceptionally cheap price point. Issues like cost and labour are immediate indicators as to whether you’re dealing with a legitimate brand or fabric and we’ll go into that a little more in just a bit.

tailored suit person of style

Colour is Queen

If you’re considering a made-to-measure suit then odds are you’re already a person of elevated style. That means you already know which colours enhance your outward appearance and even add components to your identity, and then which colours simply don’t match your distinct traits. However, while you might look absolutely stunning in purple or bright green, for that first tailored suit we recommend selecting a darker colour like navy blue because of its time-tested ability to remain compatible with any surroundings without losing its sharpness. If you find darker shades too predictable and are insistent upon a profile packing a little extra punch, we would suggest that you consider grey flannel for a smooth and contemporary appearance that will make you look like a seasoned tailored suit enthusiast on your first try.

happy with tailored suit

Know Yourself

A made-to-measure suit is exactly what it sounds like: a suit that caters to the shape of your body. Therefore, if your body is constantly changing in size then a tailored suit becomes more harmful than helpful. Before going out and taking measurements and dropping money on some fancy tailored outerwear, you need to ask yourself: are you happy with your figure and do you plan to maintain that figure for a long time to come? The question might sound a tad malicious but it’s in fact a completely earnest inquiry. We live in the age of perpetual self-improvement. If you’re a few pounds overweight, for instance, then consider buying a tailored suit after you’ve shed those excess pounds. All we’re really saying is that you should be comfortable in your own body before seeking out an outfit that’s mean to encapsulate elegant comfort more than any other garment.

looking happy with tailored suit style

Know Your Tailor

True custom suits are one of those things where you should go all in or not even bother. In other words, if you’re looking for a customized, made-to-measure suit then don’t start searching for ways to cut corners. Seek out a dependable tailor and expect that tailor to want compensation for his effort. It’s really no different than any other industry. If you want optimal results and you don’t want to get ripped off, look for the best of what’s around. There’s a reason a Rolls Royce costs an arm and a leg and you realize that reason the moment you get behind the wheel. Likewise, a tailored suit will cost you a few extra bucks and take about 40 hours to make, but the suit will be crafted with the utmost care and it will fit your body as if you were born to wear it.

tailored suit persons are walking

But more than anything else, the reason to seek out a professional tailor is that too many things can go wrong without one. The clothing industry is simply rife with deceit and incompetence. Unless you want to become a fabric expert, you’ll constantly run the risk of buying a tailored suit that isn’t exactly what was advertised. It could be made using downright counterfeit materials or inferior materials that were churned out cheaply at an overseas factory.

At the end of the day, you have more important things to worry about than where your material comes from, but a good tailor doesn’t. It’s the tailor’s job to keep pace with the latest and greatest in everything from stitching to fabric. So while you might be spending a little more upfront, the quality of the suit will speak for itself.

seriously know your tailor

Seriously, Know Your Tailor

Made-to-measure suits are something that feel simple on the surface but get more complicated the more you explore. Should you go and seek out an experienced and reliable tailor, be sure to get a sense of that tailor’s own personal aesthetic. In other words, the tailor might have his own ideas of how your suit should look and feel. Most tailored suit shops refer to this as the “house cut”. Because things like style and cut can vary from one tailor to the next, don’t be afraid to try out a few different tailors before settling on the one that’s right for you.

be modern but not trendy

Be Modern but Not Trendy

When we say “be modern but not trendy” we simply mean that thanks to the Internet you’ve never had so many options when it comes to finding the perfect tailor and you shouldn’t be afraid to explore those options. However, don’t let the latest trends in cuts and styles dictate your stylistic choices. Keep it classic and let the tailor be your guide.

In keeping with the “modern” part of our suggestion, we’d like to recommend one of our latest go-to sites for made-to-measure suits, Midnight Tailor. The Midnight Tailor operates out of Australia and employs a team of experienced tailors who come directly to you. Their tailors take a hands-on approach and manage every step of the process all the way up to the complementary final alterations. You can rest assured in their expert knowledge as they are the same team behind the upper market The Bespoke Corner, the difference now being that their price points are wonderfully affordable while still in a range where you know you’re getting quality fabrics from a trusted source.

We reached out to Midnight Tailor in advance and so if you visit them and tell them “Man of Many” sent you, you’ll get a free custom shirt with your purchase of a made-to-measure suit. Naturally, you shouldn’t feel obliged and you’re welcome to go wherever you like to have your first tailored experience. But be forewarned: once you go tailored, anything less is a joke.

Make a booking with Midnight Tailor here.

For a complimentary shirt with your suit purchase make sure to mention ‘Man of Many”.

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