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difference american british and european cut suit

Know The Difference Between an American, British and European Cut Suit

There’s a huge difference between American, British and European, and no we’re not talking about accents or TV shows. We’re talking about suit cuts. Each suit cut has its own personality and choosing the wrong one can leave you looking like the younger version of Tom Hanks at the end of Big. Get the right cut suit, however, and you’re rolling like James Bond into the casino in essentially any James Bond movie.

fabric patterns suit cut style

Everybody loves a visual aide and your first task when it comes to cut suits is to study the chart above. Note how the cut suits aren’t just broken down by region or country, but everything from the fabric to the area of the body is covered. Also detailed is the button suit, and outside the box choice that will render a big impression when worn correctly. Read it over and then we’ll add on a few extra observations.

men wear american cut suit

Among all suits, the American cut is regularly looked upon as a strong starter choice. It commonly features three buttons and a single breast. Due to loose sleeves and the frequent absence of shoulder pads, American cut suits exude a somewhat common (albeit still impressive) aura. That said, many modern American cut suits have a stronger eye for fashion, often including shoulder pads and being tailored to tightly conform to the body, meaning a suit that fits like a glove and lets you really show off those extra hours you’ve been putting in at the gym. Typically, however, American suit cuts exude a formal, classic, uniform vibe.

men stand british cut suit wear

The Brits were designing suits before America was even discovered (again) so it’s only natural that British cut suits are regularly referred to as traditional or classic. British cut suits also employ the use of longer-lasting materials and are therefore known to endure. Likewise, the British take pride in their tailoring, as well as the way their suits are woven using thick cloth and timeless technique. The fit is also a bit tighter and more defined on British cuts. British suit cuts are typically associated with a classic, formal style, a high waist, a tight-fitting aesthetic and materials built to last.

european suit wear stand men

European cut suits are usually another way of saying Italian cut suits and anyone even vaguely aware of Milan knows that the Italians are champions of style. As such, European cut suits are always on the foremost edge of trend and fashion, frequently experimenting with new materials and designs to deliver durability, creativity, and lightness all at once. The cut is usually slim, sleek, and tight-fitting, joined by an accentuated V-shape. So while American and British cut suits might be the way to go for your next business meeting, consider the European cut before the next big engagement where the real deals are made.

Source: Dapper Q