Adidas 3D Runner Triple Black

The Adidas 3D Runners are the market’s first 3D printed shoes. Before you get too excited, these aren’t a shoe that you have to download and print on your own 3D printer, at home. That would be awesome, if expensive, and kind of a hassle- with assembly and such. No, Adidas is printing these shoes themselves and shipping them out to customers keen enough to pre-order one out of the three hundred pairs which will be the entirety of this line of shoe.

The hex-pattern foam sole of the 3D Runners provide a level of bounce and support that the shoe manufacturer claims has never before been found in a running shoe- if the novelty alone isn’t enough to get your kicks up.

The top of the shoe is made from an air thin advanced micro-mesh that allows air to move through easily and makes the shoe very, very light. These are quite desirable attributes for a running shoe as any running aficionado knows. What’s more, due to the advanced machining techniques made possible by 3D printing allows for the use of very few stitches, and the foregoing of glue and other adhesives that are frequently used to hold a pair of shoes together.

adidas 3d runner triple black shoe design

How much does a little glue weigh, you might ask. Try running until your body is depleted of sugar and electrolytes, and the answer to that question is, “plenty.”

This forerunner of this experimental line of footwear will run you $333 USD. But future versions are expected to come at less novelty elevated prices.

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