COLDSMOKE x DSPTCH Waterproof Shell Jacket and Vest

COLDSMOKE is a company of outdoorsman making products for those who share a similar passion. As such, they seek gear that adapts to the various activities and environments that come with this lifestyle. Every design detail of the Insulated Shell Jacket, from its reduced, minimalist aesthetic to its cutting edge technical materials is based on the principles of adaptability and versatility. To materialize this vision, COLDSMOKE teamed up with another California-based gear compan,y DSPTCH, who is well-known for their well crafted bags and accessories.

coldsmoke x dsptch outerwear jacket

The Insulted Shell Jacket features a laundry list of impressive details: eVent outer shell material, Polartec Alpha insulation in body, 3 panel ergonomically articulated arm construction, 3 way adjustable wrist closure with PRYM German made snaps; there’s more but we won’t keep going as the idea is clear. If that’s too complicated, just remember the basics: the material is super breathable and differs from your traditional waterproof breathable fabrics by its composition. Made up of millions of microscopic pores that work directly to vent sweat that builds up inside the jacket, it doesn’t require water vapor to build up in order to begin the process of venting.

The Polartec Alpha insulation was created for use in Special Forces gear, allowing it to adapt to a wide range of locales and activities without the wearer having to alter their layering in any meaningful way. The combination of style, tech and comfort results in the Shell Jacket being a real winner for anyone looking to have a diversely applicable outerwear item to keep for a long time.

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coldsmoke x dsptch outerwear comfort jacket