Complete guide to pant breaks

Complete Guide to Pant Breaks

Finding the perfect pants length is probably one of the most important parts of purchasing a pair of pants for work. You want to look neat, professional, stylish and most importantly comfortable. That means being up to speed on pant breaks. Knowing all your pant breaks (aka a fold at the bottom of the pant fabric) is the difference between constantly stepping on your pants or having your ankles on constant display, neither of which is the look you’re after. Check the infographic and find the perfect balance between a quarter and a half break to always look your best, from the top to the bottoms.

full half quarter break

1. Full Break

So you went and got yourself the wrong size pants, eh? Fret not because the full break is here to help you out–just as long as you wear it confidently. The full break works best on wider pant legs. Among pant breaks, the full break is pretty old school (no to mention commonly associated with gentlemen of the heavier persuasion) and if you’re going to sport it then don’t expect to win any fashion awards any time soon.

2. Half Break

The half or medium pant break, like the full break, is more popular among an older generation of businessmen, especially those among them who pack a few extra pounds in their waistline and don’t stick around for happy hour. It doesn’t so much say “I couldn’t find the proper length” as much as it does “I’m conscious of my style, but I don’t prefer a tapered cut”. Among pant breaks, the medium break is regularly associated with conservative types, meaning serious professionals more concerned with the firmness of their handshakes than they are the trendiness of their outfits.

3. Quarter Break

The quarter or slight break is wildly popular because it exudes approachability and says you’re stylish, but not too stuffy and not insufferably trendy. Accordingly (and broadly speaking), there is no demographic that doesn’t rock the quarter break and look downright fine doing so. It looks best on slim trouser widths and can be seen virtually everywhere, though if broken down statistically it probably skews higher among the younger crowd. Among pant breaks, the quarter break is probably your best bet.

4. No Break

Even those with a bold flair for style should approach the no break with caution because it can frequently prove tough to pull off. This is where the bottom of the pant leg hovers ever so slightly above the shoe. It’s a tight, fashionable look that doesn’t leave room for width adjustment and goes best with a firm taper. It was originally most popular in Europe, but as the European slim-fit style continues to influence young Americans, the no break approach is popping up essentially everywhere. Use it wisely.

Source: He Spoke Style