Everlane Disrupts Your Closet with their First Suit

Everlane’s suit is getting a lot of attention, not just because the company is better known for their bed sheets, T-shirts, and suitcases, but because the suit is proving to be more than just a gimmick for the online retailer.

everlane first ever suit

Everlane’s suit is priced at $300, but for that $300 you get a suit sourced “from a stories Italian mill,” which obviously means that you’re getting a suit made of Italian wool. That wool comes from Tollegno, Italy, and actually provides a bit of stretch thanks to the addition of 2 percent elastane so that the suit won’t feel so restrictive. The suit is made in what Everlane describes as a “modern slim fit,” which they go on to explain is “neither fashion-tight nor department-store boxy, our suit is based on our best-selling slim fit.” That could pose a problem when you’re purchasing an item of clothing that so depends on fit. Everlane has a proprietary size guide, however, that will help to ensure that you get the right fit—from hems and cuffs to shoulders and waist.

everlane men's suit trouser

What might be the most impressive part of this suit is that it is machine washable. You’ll have to give it a steam after washing, no doubt, but at least you won’t be hauling it down to the dry cleaners every time you wear it. The suit is available in navy and charcoal, and includes a half-canvas jacket lined with recycled fabric and matching trousers. You can wear the suit together or wear each piece as a separate item, matching it with the rest of your wardrobe and increasing the suit’s versatility. Reasonably priced at $300, the suit is a good choice for someone who doesn’t wear a suit very often, or that hasn’t worn a suit in quite a while.

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everlane men's suit

everlane release their first ever suit