Every Gentleman Needs an R-Series Umbrella

Unless you’re Mary Poppins or a Kingsman, you probably don’t think much about your umbrella. Once you see the R-Series Umbrella from INSTRMNT, though, you’ll change your tune.

folded umbrella

The R-Series Umbrella may not talk to you or block bullets and shoot darts, but it does feature machined aluminium components. The fabric canopy is sourced from Japan, though the umbrella is manufactured in the UK. One of the more striking details of the R-Series is the leather grip that covers the bent aluminium handle. Each of the grips on every R-Series Umbrella are hand stitched in Oxford and Doune.

Final assembly happens in Glasgow. Another detail that you may not notice but that you’ll definitely appreciate is that the handle is kept empty to keep the weight down and has a threaded metal keep to hold the canopy tips when the umbrella is closed.

open series umbrella

The umbrella will launch with two styles. The first is a sandblasted gunmetal with a grey fabric and a tan leather handle. The other option is a sandblasted silver with a black canopy and a black leather handle. Both versions of the R-Series Umbrella sell for GBP£120.

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umbrella for men

tip of the r umbrella