Hobes is Homegrown Timeless Footwear

Hobes, a Melbourne based designer, is here to close a gap in the market and more importantly, provide you with timeless footwear options. Hobes’ shoes feature classic, monochromatic, and comfortable designs that suit every occasion, allowing you to switch from day to night without missing a beat. For someone constantly on the go, this makes a huge difference, as time is everything.

With an eye for simple styling, Hobes produces handmade suede shoes constructed from local materials using traditional Italian techniques. The 100% unlined leather upper is stitched to a thin, but flexible highly durable rubber sole. The woolly Hobes are lined with incredibly soft Australian lamb’s wool, which has been sourced from the Hobes family farm in country Victoria. The resulting range offers a well thought out collection of wardrobe staples, combining simple shapes with seasonal colours.

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Man or woman, Hobes has you covered. With an extensive selection, deciding on the right pair will be the only difficult part of what is sure to be an effortless and timeless footwear experience. As each pair only weighs 200 – 300g, Hobes are also the perfect travel shoe.

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