KP Reinvent the Duffle Bag

We’re all familiar with the duffle bag – cylinder in shape – used to store our clothes after a gym session. Well KP have taken this concept and reinvented it by creating a bag that evokes the awesome look, functionality, and performance of a sports car. The KP Duffle is crafted from a high-quality scratchproof PU and features 16 unique storage compartments. Each compartment is specially tailored to the needs of the traveller.

kp reinvent the duffle bag side view

A spacious main compartment stretches out to the full 55cm width and is lined with bright rip-stop nylon. One end opens to a ventilated shoe compartment, while the other end opens to a utility hatch for organising cables and chargers. There’s also a pocket suitable for a wallet, another lined with a microfiber material to keep your phone scratch free and a hidden passport sized pocket for storing valuables.

kp reinvent the duffle bag exterior features

The exterior features an extra-wide shoulder strap and padded handles. Each zipper is equipped with a loop lock which is a simple and smart tool that stops people from pulling the compartments open. The bag even conforms to airline carry-on dimensions. When it comes to functionality and performance, the KP Duffle is second to none.

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