LA’s Hottest Hat Designer Starts New Brand and a New Tradition

Like so many things in life, Clint Eastwood is the inspiration behind the founding of Meshika, a new hat brand based out of LA. Alberto Hernandez comes from a line of hat makers—his father and grandfather made western cowboy hats and sombreros churros in Guanajuato, Mexico.

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Alberto always loved the look of the western hats worn by Clint Eastwood, and asked his father about making those kinds of hats. “He told me, ‘It’s too difficult, son. All those hats come from the U.S. They’re beaver felt or rabbit felt and it’s very difficult to get for us,” Alberto explained.

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Alberto eventually became an apprentice at Baron Hats in Burbank, where he made literally thousands of hats. Alberto learned the trade and built a name for himself. He made hats for Pirates of the Caribbean, Indiana Jones, and westerns like 3:10 to Yuma.

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He moved to luxury hat maker Nick Fouquet, where he made hats for big names like Pharrell, Madonna, David Beckham, Lady Gaga, Cam Newton, and LeBron James. But Alberto wanted to make hats for the common people, not just those that could afford it.

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So he founded Meshika. The hats he makes are from top quality materials sourced in America and run from between USD$350 and $550 for Seasonal styles, and $850 or more for custom or Hatter’s Choice styles. “My hats, they don’t last a year. They last forever,” Alberto states. “It’s a tradition: you can pass it on to your son or your grandson.”

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