Lexdray Your Backpack Woes Away

Lexdray are a New York luggage outfit that laud themselves as ‘smarter than your average bag’, a bold claim for a young company swimming in a big pond of competitors. Since 2009 they’ve impressed us with their clever designs and the simple, subtle looks of their product lines that are both practical and functional, yet still manage to look nothing like a school backpack. This is their already celebrated Symmetry collection, a very sensible set of bags for everyday use, designed with the needs of the urban warrior in mind, but now offered in a very handsome maritime blue hue.

lexdray backpack features

The Tokyo Pack is for pretty much everything you can think of ever needing in a backpack, the Vienna Pack is as stylish as it is classic, the Rome Pack belongs slung over one shoulder whilst speeding through the crowded streets on a Vespa, the Amsterdam Brief looks like it should hold the laptop of a hacker sitting at an undisclosed train station ‘somewhere in Europe’ and the Mumbai Messenger is every bike courier’s new best friend. They’re all constructed out of stong-as-heck rip-stop nylon and to fit their maritime theme are obviously water resistant.

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lexdray backpack in the shoulder