Luxury You Can Afford – Knightsbridge Ebony Watch

Moda London is an ambitious upstart with one simple goal: putting premium timepieces around your wrist at an affordable rate. One of their newest entries is the stunning Knightsbridge Ebony watch, which exudes pure sophistication and style at an unbeatable price of $118. Meanwhile, you can tell others you paid five times as much and they wouldn’t doubt it for a second (unless they do some research–then they’ll know you’re full of it).

knightsbridge ebony black and gold watch

The Knightsbridge Ebony is all about conjuring luxury through traditional minimalist appeal. The timepiece flaunts a polished rose gold profile that quietly asserts professional elegance when paired with the deep ebony dial face. The watch is made using 316 High Precision Stainless Steel and hardened mineral crystal. Other features include a genuine calf leather strap, chronograph functions, a pull out crown, Japanese Quartz Movement and a case that’s 42mm in diameter and 12mm thick. Just one look really says it all–this is pure, straightforward beauty.

knightsbridge ebony watch lifestyle

Moda London’s Knightsbridge Ebony is an easy way to turn heads without breaking the bank. It has the hallmarks of a classic analogue timepiece and a colour scheme that will blend perfectly with modern business attire. For the time being the company is offering free worldwide shipping so get this now before Moda stops feeling so generous.

knightsbridge ebony watch leather strap buckle