The Young Gent Himself – Mr Stephen Kotsanlee

As far as fashion bloggers and Instagram models go, none are quite as successful at such a tender age as the dapper Stephen Kotsanlee aka @theyounggent, creator of fashion blog Youthful Dapper. The teenage internet sensation has gone from strength to strength in his short career as one of Australia’s most stylish menswear spruikers, working with a raft of reputable brands and fashion houses to constantly better both his own wardrobe and the wardrobes of many, through original shoots and the creative use of patterns and classic tailoring.

Stephen agreed to answer a few questions for Man of Many about his take on fashion trends, and what the future may hold.

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What style mistake do guys your age commonly make?
A lot of guys don’t take care of their clothing. There is a huge difference between wearing a non-ironed shirt compared to a clean, creaseless one. Plus the better you do take care of your clothes, the longer they will last and the more money you save from not having to buy more!

What advice would you give to young gents when it comes to selecting a suit?
Find the right fit. There’s a massive difference between a badly fitted suit and one that is tapered to the body so nicely. Not only does it look much better, but it changes the way people first think about you.

stephen kotsanlee dress

Who’s your biggest Instagram influencer?
Definitely my good friends Shaun Birley and Sam Wines because they were guys who I could relate to as a young man and people I could strive to be. A lot of my outfits were inspired by theirs and when I got to meet them for the first time last year, I felt like I was in the presence of giants hahaha.

What’s the most important men’s accessory?
A good quality timepiece, whether it be a wrist watch or even a pocket watch! I personally find that a lot of people complimenting the watch more than the outfit, which in my mind shoes that some people might judge someone because of their timepiece. Also remember to actually use the watch, so you’re not late to a job interview, meeting or date night!

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On your watch – leather strap or metal bracelet?
That’s a tough one, it depends on the occasion I guess. I love to wear brown leather straps with a casual or semi formal outfit, but throw on a black leather or metal strap on formal or important occasions like dinners or a nice gala ball.

What will you be doing when you’re 30?
I honestly couldn’t tell you, because I have no clue. I haven’t got anything set in stone, I’m just sitting back and letting time tell the story.

stephen kotsanlee wear tuxedo

Who’s your ultimate style hero – fictional or non-fictional?
A guy who I have always looked up to for as long as I know is Frank Sinatra. I absolutely love that era of 1960’s, not only the way they dressed but the music too! And Sinatra’s music really resonated with me so did his outfits.

What’s your spirit animal?
100% a pug. There’s just something about their flat faces and stubby bodies that really resonate with me hahaha.

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Where do you stand on novelty socks?
I love them haha! Socks are a fun way to just add a bit of fun to your outfits. So novelty socks, with patterns or with images on them are definitely a nice little item to have in your wardrobe.

What’s your best party banger to get everybody dancing?
That’s tough, there’s so many, but probably the classic tune September by Earth, Wind & Fire. That usually gets everyone feeling funky and in the groove! Such a good tune hahaha.

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