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The Nike Cable Knit Sweater is Too Hot for Summer, But We’re Still Copping

In a bid to keep our ears to the fashion streets, we spend more time than we’d like to admit scrolling various mood boards across Instagram. Of course, @hidden.ny is one of our favourites with a hand on the pulse like no other and a particularly famous admin behind the scheduling. If we were ranking Instagram accounts that you have to follow, Hidden is at the top of our list.

With that being said, allow us to introduce the Nike cable knit sweater. A piece that distinguishes itself from everything Nike has been issuing as of late, and something that doesn’t fit into a box by way of ESC, Solo Swoosh, or even Nike Lifestyle. It’s a piece that you’d never imagine would exist, but when @del.ten styled it with a pair of Louis Vuitton double-knee pants we couldn’t help but share.

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In doing our research, we were disappointed to find out that the knitted construction chooses to use an 80% polyester blend with 19% wool, and 1% spandex. When you’re throwing around $190 AUD price tags for sweaters the construction better be 80%+ cotton, however, Nike has shown no interest in quality here. Ultimately, it’s a piece for style, but don’t expect longevity.

Now, when it comes to actually buying this piece in the wake of the @hidden.ny post, good luck. We managed to nab one of the last remaining sizes from our friends over at so try your luck below. If all else fails, drop by your local Nike store and see what they have sitting on the shelves, as while this was likely never intended to be a rare piece the online sales have boomed since the post and finding one is next to impossible.

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