Minimalist But Stated – Squarestreet’s SQ38 Plano Watches

You don’t have to look deep into the archives at man of Many to know how seriously we take watches. Whatever your image, it’s a fact of basic masculine style principles that your watch tells the world about who you are in a single glance. With new trends and design philosophies ever-emerging, the hype surrounding minimalist watches has been enormous, with people preferring simple leather straps and larger, flatter dials in recent years over gaudy chain link bracelets and flashy bezels. And you can’t really be blamed for preferring it simple – a minimalistic watch goes with just about any outfit and, when you’re not breaking the bank on one single accessory, you can afford to have more than one, making the style possibilities endless.

wearing squarestreet sq38 plano watch in the hand

Squarestreet, a Swedish producer of timepieces based in Stockholm have spent the last six years since their conception mastering the balance between simple and stylish, making watches that aren’t overcrowded, but are far from boring. The SQ38 Plano we’re featuring here is a great example of how design can truly eschew unnecessary bells and whistles but maintain focus on beautiful design that draws attention to itself in a modest way. The selection of colour schemes is versatile and these are definitely worth having a look at if you’re thinking about getting yourself a wristwatch that you won’t see on every other bloke’s arm.

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 squarestreet sq38 plano watch different color

 squarestreet sq38 plano watch two different models