Ministry of Supply Continues to Lead in Performance Menswear

If you’ve never heard of Ministry of Supply, I’m afraid that you have been missing out. Born out of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) a few years ago, the brand makes premium men’s clothing for the office and beyond. Termed as “performance menswear,” MOS aims to create products which essentially feel and perform like a Nike Dri-Fit item, while retaining the same style, quality and class of a traditional office shirt. And time and time again, they have continued to succeed. I have been a customer of theirs for about 3-4 years now, and the continual improvements and iterations are extremely impressive. Working in consulting (or many other fields) requires clothing that can both look professional and keep you comfortable into long hours – in this regard, my clothing from MOS has helped me on countless days in the office. I recently had the chance to sample a few newer products and came away as happy as ever.

ministry of supply aviator 2 pant

Aviator 2 Pants

The Aviator line from MOS is on their second go around, after launching over a year ago with the Aviator Chinos and Jacket. Now up is the Aviator 2, a refined and improved offering which features the same style of fabric composition. Featuring a jacket and pants, the line is intended to be worn separately as unique items, or together as the most comfortable suit you’ll ever own. I received the pants in a Navy Blue and I am blown away by their quality and fit. I bought a pair of the original Aviator chinos and have worn them countless times, whether in the outdoors, at the office or going out with friends. The Aviator 2 takes the same versatility and refines it even further. The pants are made of a warp-knit material that’s lightweight, flexible and feels great. I am looking forward to wearing the pants in all scenarios for as long as I can.

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ministry of supply archive shirt

Archive Shirt

Ministry of Supply also has your torso covered with one of their three dress shirts, the Archive. As the middle ground shirt, priced in between their other two offerings, the Archive is made of a moisture-wicking woven blend that has plenty of stretch. The shirt can be worn for pretty much anything and no matter how much you move, stretch or bend, the shirt will go with you. The Archive has been around for a while, but as its popularity has grown, MOS has continued to roll out new color schemes. They have recently released a few spring-focused colors, and now the shirt sees offerings such as Blue Shadow Plaid, Pink Shadow Plaid and other lighter, more subtle designs. As perhaps the lightest and most comfortable shirt I own, I would again certainly recommend the Archive to anyone on the market.

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Overall, I have been extremely pleased with almost everything I have ever worn from Ministry of Supply. As time has passed, they have been able to develop from a more technical-feeling fabric with solid, if standard styling to one that simply feels and looks like stylish office wear, but performs far better in every way. With design that rivals anything else in my closet, it is hard to turn down any MOS item when picking out what to wear to work, to dinner or out on a weekend.