Mocha Salt Southern Summer 2015/16 Boardies

Put quite simply, Mocha Salt makes excellent board shorts for the style-conscious swimmers out there. With a name like Mocha Salt, you’d probably expect to be paying $6 for a specialty gluten-free latte, but trust us, this product is way better (and more useful).

With inspiration drawn from utility wear, the SS1516 collection features camo prints and block colours inspired by cadet school, from basic training up to officers. Styled to transition from functionality to crispness, and matching the amphibian nature of the shorts themselves, you’ll always look at home no matter the terrain. Unless the terrain is pink or something, then you might stand out. Color schemes include fresh blue and a lush green camo pattern, as well as officer’s navy and gentleman’s grey.

Mocha Salt has also launched the Indy 7; a mid-length pair of swim shorts with a super comfortable semi-elasticated waistband. The looser cut makes it an easy-to-wear piece. Both are available now and sure to up your swim fashion.

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