Moncler x Poldo Dog Couture Release Special Line of Doggy Apparel

Dressing up dogs in clothing has largely remained either a functional or frivolous pursuit. That is, most owners either dress their dog to keep it warm or to show off on Instagram how cute and silly it all looks. However, Italian apparel brand Moncler and Poldo Dog Couture have teamed up to expertly straddle the line between fashion and function. Indeed, they’re special collection of doggy apparel will have Butterball keeping warm and looking spiffy like never before.

moncler x poldo dog couture release special

From the Moncler x Poldo Dog Collection, expect sharp outerwear worthy of a ski weekend in Aspen. Available in a variety of colours is the Mondog, a lacquered nylon coat that exudes top-shelf style and prime comfort in equal measure. It’s so optimal and sleek that you’d be happy to wear one yourself, permitting some measurement and design adjustments of course.

moncler x poldo dog black and white

Also included in the range (though currently out of stock) is a knitted Mondog Tricot. Made from a blend of wool, acrylic and alpaca, the sweater touts a cosy fit and a tasteful, striking pattern. Call it a collection of perfect doggy apparel, whereas Rover will feel great and still make for a superb Instagram picture.

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