Opposites Do Attract with Prada x adidas Collab

In what is perhaps going to go down in history as the best example of opposites attracting, Prada and adidas have come together to collaborate on a new collection. The Milan fashion house and the German shoe maker have released a new version of Prada’s iconic Bowling Bag tote and adidas’s Superstar sneaker.

prada handbag and shoes

Prada took the lead when it came to making the items. Both the bag and the shoes were made in Italy, and were subjected to Prada’s high quality standards. The items both remain true to their originals in everything but the looks. For the bag, the tote will feature both the Prada and the adidas logos. The Superstars boast premium full-grain leather that again feature both companies’ logos. The release is described as the start of “a new collaborative journey,” which seems to suggest that there will be more coming from the collaboration. That being said, only 700 of the pieces—each serial numbered—will be produced. The set will be making its debut on both brands’ web sites and in select Prada stores on December 4.

prada handbag and shoes

What’s next for the collaboration? The duo are taking a look at the Luna Rossa performance sailing model, which will be released in 2020. It’s a good place to start, with Prada’s support of the Luna Rossa sailing team and adidas’s emphasis on sports. The team will participate in the America’s Cup, which is the oldest trophy in sport and the most prestigious international sailing competition. The demands of the race will be “the perfect laboratory to test new materials and technology.”

Prada x adidas collaboration

The partnership is a smart move for both companies. adidas is no stranger to collaborations, but this is the first with such a high-brow partner. By partnering together, both will gain exposure to new markets and collectors. Plus the coming together of the brands is eye-catching, garnering even more attention for both.

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