Premium Casual – Bellroy Card Holder

Little things make big impressions. Your gear. Your shoes. Your socks even. It all adds up and makes you the sum of your parts, creating a uniform impression that you put out into the world for others to see and judge. What, you thought personality mattered? Okay, obviously personality matters, but sometimes you’re judged before you even have the chance to speak.

bellroy card holder

Wallet maker Bellroy knows all too well that the little things count. That’s why they use the best leathers for their premium wallets and accessories, so that every time you whip one out you leave some impact on those with an eye for style. No exception to Bellroy’s high standard is their newest card holder. Made from superior vegetable-tanned leather and featuring a magnetic closure, the card holder is elegant, casual, smooth and spectacular.

bellroy leather wallet

The holder can fit approximately 20+ business cards or 4-8 daily cards. It’s backed by a 3 year warranty that you’ll most likely never use. The tanned leather is so smooth to the touch you might find yourself digging for excuses to whip this baby out just so you can feel the soft touch of leather under your fingertips one more time. Bellroy duly asks that you consider the little things if you’re set on making big impressions because you are, after all, the sum of your parts.

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bellroy leather card holder with card bellroy leather wallet two part folding