RAEN Introduces The Wiley & The Arlo

Depending on where you live, it is either the perfect time of year to be rocking shades on a daily basis, or it’s a few mere months from the weather turning and the beaches welcoming you. Regardless of the situation, there’s never a bad time to do some shopping for fresh new sunglasses, and that’s exactly what Raen offers with their two new releases. The Wiley and Arlo styles form an impressive duo of new silhouettes, inspired by classic design and hand-crafted in line with the brand’s philosophy which ensures hand-guided cutting and meticulous attention to detail.

man with raen wiley sunglass

The Wiley exhibits a lightweight masculine silhouette for the modern adventurer, utilizing square shapes and harder lines in three colorways: Black, Matte Black/Brindle Tortoise and Matte Rootbeer. On the other hand, the Arlo has a simlar focus with a different execution. Themodern classic silhouette offers custom hex temple hardware and draws inspiration from popular colors of the 50’s and 60’s. It too comes in three colorways: Black, Matte Black/Brindle Tortoise and Kelp.

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raen wiley matte black sunglasses

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raen wiley black sunglasses

raen arlo matte black sunglasses

raen optics arlo sunglasses

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raen optics arlo sunglasses model