Adidas New Running Shoe Comes after Much Reflection

adidas’s new Ultraboost DNA LTD has soul—no, not “sole,” although it does have that, but “soul.” The Ultraboost DNA LTD continues in the line of the very successful line that was launched in 2015. Since that time, the Ultraboost has sold through four models with countless colorways in each. But those models lack something that has been rectified with the Ultraboost DNA LTD.

man wearing ultra boost ltd

The new shoe not only has reflective qualities, it comes about because of reflection. The shoe is built on the Ultraboost 4 frame, with its usual full boost midsole, rubber outsole, and heel counter. But where the new shoe differs is in the Primeknit upper. For the DNA LTD, adidas added in a reflective yarn. The three-stripe lace cage also hase reflective material woven into it. Those reflective properties make it a great addition to night-time running gear, something that has been ignored by shoes until now. Of course, reflective shoes shouldn’t be the only safety gear you wear if you run at night, but it’s nice that finally night owls have a reflective pair of shoes to wear.

reflective adidas ultra boost

The other reflection invested in the Ultraboost DNA LTD comes in where the material for the yarn comes from. adidas opted to use plastic collected from beaches and coastal communities to create the yarn for these shoes, giving them the aforementioned soul.

Whether you’re a night runner, or someone who contemplates the future of our planet, the Ultraboost DNA LTD gives you reason to reflect.

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