adidas Nite Jogger Jet Set Edition Shoes are Perfect Travel Mementos

Visiting foreign cities is a memorable experience, and bringing back souvenirs from those cities can help preserve those memories. Now you can remember your jaunts to other lands with special shoes from adidas meant for the avid traveller. The adidas Nite Jogger series is adding a new “Jet Set” line that represents different metropolitan areas across the globe. Using six different colourways, the Jet Set shoes represent London, Shanghai, Tokyo, Paris, Los Angeles, and New York.

front view adidas nite jogger

The shoes have a black upper that’s made of mesh and suede. At midsole, a white Boost provides a contrast. But the real star of the show—or shoe—are the accent colours representing the different cities. The colours are on the outsole and on different accent pieces. Each shoe also comes with a tag attached to the tongue that is similar to those slapped on your luggage by the airlines, and features each city’s colour as well as the city’s name.

The bottoms of the laces have matching tags as well.

nite jogger top view

The shoes sell for USD$150. Pick up a pair when you’re heading to one of these cities and put in the miles—and the memories—as you tour.

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sole view nite jogger

closer look nite jogger

adidas nite jogger jet set

man wore adidas nite jogger