adidas Pulseboost HD Gives Urban Runners the Gear They Need

You’re an urban runner. You’re not gliding over a manicured and maintained track—indoor or outside. You’re not climbing mountains on a rough and dusty trail. You’re pounding out the miles on asphalt and concrete, hitting crosswalks, and weaving around cars—parked or not. If that’s you, then adidas has you in their sights as the perfect recipient of their new Pulseboost HD.

pulseboost top view hd shoes

The Pulseboost HD marks the launch of a new innovation in adidas’s Boost technology, which is designed for better energy return and comfort. For the Pulseboot, adidas consulted with runners from three major urban areas: Berlin, New York, and Paris. They also used artificial intelligence, which was co-developed using open-source programming, to create their Continental Adaptive Traxion outsole for better grip in both wet and dry conditions—something you can experience in the same run.

That added grip combines with the Boost technology to make shoes that are more responsive so that your jukes, sudden stops, and quick direction changes still have all the stability you need during your run.

adidas pulseboost urban running shoes

For the Pulseboost HD shoes, adidas went with an Adapt Knit flexible upper that can stretch when needed, but that also features non-stretch areas at the forefoot and midfoot to provide maximum support.

Pulseboost HD for City Running

The Pulseboot HD shoes also feature a QR code on the tongue that can be scanned to provide GPS coordinates for runs in the three cities as well as to unlock custom playlists courtesy of Spotify that are linked to your location.

sole view pulseboost hd shoes

Five colorways are available: Solar Red, Core Black, Core White, Grey/Hi-Res Orange, and a limited edition monochrome that was available only to Creators Club members on June 19 but is now available to everyone through the adidas app. All the colorways are available on June 27 for £119.95 GBP or approximately $140 USD.

pulseboost hd shoes

Urban running is a unique experience, so having the right gear—adidas’s Pulseboot HD—is critical to getting the most out of your run.

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