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Ortega home shoe

6 Best Sneaker Storage Boxes to Keep Your Kicks Fresh

Tired of rummaging through a mountain of sneakers when trying to find a pair that complements your ensemble? To most people with an f-all attitude when it comes to prioritising their life, there’s some elbow room, but when it comes to organising their kicks, there’s no cop-out.

Sneaker storage boxes are the quick-fix storage and display apparatus for every man and their dog. The space-saving and sleekly designed footlockers enable you to comfortably deposit and withdraw your shoes from safekeeping all while admiring their artistically exhibited presence. Their stackability and flair to fit into wardrobes, storage cabinets & entryways have made them an essential commodity among sneakerheads with expensive, rare and collectible sneakers. That’s why we’ve rounded up 6 of the best storage boxes to help you stack, store and display your prized pairs.

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Lacespace stackable sneaker display cases
Image: Lacespace

1. Lacespace Stackable Sneaker Display Cases

Lacespace is a Sydney-based label dedicated to sneakers, their accessories and all that jazz in between. The Stackable Sneaker Display Cases have transcended the contenders on our list for their stackability, sturdiness and durability. The sneaker cases are roomy enough to squeeze in a men’s sneaker that’s AU12.5 (US13) in height and AU14.5 (US15) in length and are fashioned from a finer material quality than most shoe case brands. Their tight enclosures ensure a dust-free environment for your sneakers and exhibit a clear-view drop-front premium door to easily stow and show off your kicks.

Units: 6 pack
Dimensions: 29cm × 19cm ×35cm  (W x H x D)
Price: AUD$140

Buy it here

The container store x large black drop front shoe box
Image: The Container Store

2. The Container Store X-Large Black Drop-Front Shoe Box

The Container Store has cranked out the formidable X-Large Black Drop-Front Shoe Box. The clear window of the drop-front design lets you see and access the pair ever so swiftly. Forged from premium plastic, the shoe box exhibits ventilation holes that keep your kicks breathing all while protecting them from dust build-up. Bearing a drop-front opening that enables you to stow and place your sneaks in effortlessly, the X-Large Shoe Box is an undoubted crowd-pleaser in the sneaker world and can store men’s shoes sizes of up to AU15.5 (US16) into its exceptionally designed interiors.

Units: 1 pack
31cm x 22.5cm x 41cm (W x H x D)

The reject shop bees knees shoe box large
Image: The Reject Shop

3. The Reject Shop Bees Knees Shoe Box Large

One of the more minimalistic and inexpensive sneaker storage boxes is brought to you by best the biz in household essentials. The Reject Shop’s Bees Knees Shoe Box is an impressively economic piece that’ll fit your kicks without the compromise of top-grade material. The all-plastic shoe showcase exceeds the inner dimensions of the standard storage box and is designed with a circular opening at its door, enabling easy-opening and providing a fount of fresh air for the shoes. The outlet also retails a Regular sized Bees Knees Shoe Box for folks with more petite feet.

Units: 1 pack
Dimensions: 32.5cm x 18.6cm x 22cm (W x H x D)
Price: AU$6.50

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1 ortega home shoe

4. Ortega Home Shoe/Sneaker Display Box

Ortega’s shoe storage boxes let you store your sneaks in style. Bearing a spacey interior of 27.5cm in width, 21cm in height & 35.5cm in length, the clear-cut plastic frame of the display box promises the safety and sublime exhibition of your kicks. The product’s easy-to-assemble pieces click into place and help take the fuss out of the setup. With an easy-access drop front door, that’s hole-free, a stolid framework that eliminates dust build-up on your shoes and exceptional stackability, Ortega continues to pay court to the whims of sneakerheads worldwide.

Units: 1 pack
Dimensions: 27.5cm x 21cm x 35.5cm (W x H x D)
Price: AUD$14.99

Buy it here

Ironland stackable shoe organizer
Image: Amazon

5. Ironland Stackable Shoe Organizer

The Ironland is an easy-to-assemble fine-grade material shoe box, renowned for its dimensions, robustness and durability. On tap in black and white, the clear-doored and swiftly stackable sneaker storage is a supersize; we’re talking Shaquille O’Neal basketball shoe space — also fit for any lady’s heel. The storage showpiece ensures your kicks are protected from dust and damage; and are securely stowed when stacked up. One of the hallmarks of this footlocker is its nodules, which provide easy access to one’s prized pairs. It strikes a chord with its end-user every time they gawk at their stately exhibited kicks.

Units: 3 pack
Dimensions: 37cm x 27.5cm x 21cm (W x H x D)
Price: AUD$94.49

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Celebro t shoe box display case
Image: Celebro

6. Celebro T Shoe Box Display Case

Hard-wearing and suave in design at a not-so-steep price tag. Celebro T’s sneaker storage display case has racked in reviews worldwide for its inimitability. Swaggering a voluminous interior that’s fit for AU13 (US13) size men’s shoes, and ladies heels, the Celebro T is a stalwart for its stackability and design finesse. Its sliding tray design enables users to deposit and withdraw their kicks from their safely deposited state. The showpiece’s robust and long-lasting frame make it easier on the eye of the buyer and a must-have for folks who withhold the value of their kicks.

Units: 6 pack 
Dimensions: 36.5cm x 28.5cm x 24.5 (W x H x D)
Price: US$119.99

Buy it here

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General FAQs

What is the best stackable sneaker storage container?

The Lacespace Stackable Sneaker Display Cases are the best for stacking on our list. Honorary mentions include the Ironland Stackable Shoe Organizer  & the X-Large Black Drop-Front Shoe Box by The Container Store.

What are the best clear plastic shoe boxes?

The Lacespace Stackable Sneaker Display Cases, the Celebro T Shoe Box Display Cases and the Ortega Home Shoe & Sneaker Display Boxes are the best clear plastic sneaker storage boxes.

Are The Container Store shoe boxes good?

The Container Store Sneaker Boxes have secured a second spot on our list. Classified as 'X-Large', the shoe box boasts the greatest interior dimensions (31cm width x 22.5cm height x 41cm depth), have a clear front-door opening window and a black exterior that gives them a plush appearance.