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Even Sneakerheads Hate Trump’s $399 ‘Never Surrender’ Gold High-Tops

What do you do when you’re ordered to pay USD$354.9 million in penalties for fraudulently overstating your net worth to lenders? You make overpriced merch and sell it to your obsessed supporters. No, these aren’t shoes that you’ve been pushed as an advertisement after visiting a few too many NSFW websites, these sneakers are real, and Donald Trump is selling them for USD$399 (AUD$610).

The Associated Press reports that “loud boos as well as cheers,” could be heard in the room as Trump took the stage at Sneaker Con Philadelphia, “The Greatest Sneaker Show on Earth,” and unveiled the ‘Never Surrender High-Top Sneaker’. Sadly, he wasn’t dressed in his favourite Supreme Box Logo hoodie and Gallery Dept. trucker hat, but that didn’t stop Number 45 from selling these sneakers and asking for a few votes.

Now sold out (via. pre-sale), the sneakers loosely resemble famous high-top sneakers like the Nike Air Jordan 1 and feature a red outsole, white midsole, and an all-over Gold upper in an unknown material with ‘T’ badges. Most notable is the American flag on the collar that “shout out to the brave and the free.”

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“For the go-getters who don’t know the word quit,” we’d recommend a football helmet if you plan on wearing these in public. Not that you can go out and buy them anyway, because they sold out in record time online where just 1,000 pairs were released. Some bloke at Sneaker Con even paid USD$9,000 for a signed pair that’s limited to just 50 units, while another ended up with the ‘White House’ pen Trump used.

The ‘Never Surrender’ Gold High-Tops might be sold out, but fans of the man can now get their hands on some Temu-inspired sports sneakers – T-Red Wave (Red) or Potus 45 (White) for USD$199 (AUD$304). These arrive alongside the USD$99 (AUD$150) Victory47 Cologne for Men or Victory47 Perfume for Women which sound as generic as perfumery gets, boasting cedar, floral, and citrus notes.

We’re unsure if Trump’s Kanye-inspired merch line-up is enough to recoup the millions of dollars he’s been forced to pay in penalties, but they’re looking like another Trump Vodka to us.

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